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work and workout

on reading and writing
physical motion, an essential requirement for all life forms

both manual work and workout involve the motions of physical body; in one, one gets paid to work; in the other, one pays to workout. both forms of work are the products of the capitalist way of life.

motion, whether physical or mechanical, requires energy. physical energy is produced by the food intake; mechanical energy is extracted from coal, gas, gasoline, nuclear, and wind and solar forms. the solar energy is the energy that the sun dissipates while moving in the cosmos. the motions of mammals produce sweat which becoming food provides energy matter for insects. if one is not tickled by the butterfly or afraid that a wasp would sting as they land on one's forehead to drink the sweat, one would observe, that these insects do not need the windmill or solar cells and other forms of energy extracting devices. it is in this sense that even wind and solar energy is not direct natural exchange of energy from form to form. there are the material devices to extract energy from earth, sun and wind.

in the pictures above, women are spending energy, in one to earn a living, and in the other to keep up with the shape of being in a way of life. in both cases, they do not know better not being encouraged to find out how they, too, may live without exploiting others or being exploited by others may still live in harmony like bees and butterflies among flowers.

in nature, all forms of existence of elements are an interplay of the exchange of motions, that in turn produces another element called energy. it is in their self-nature, and choicelessly so. the sun has no choice but to be burning hot till all its heat is transformed by participating in the ever evolving forms in the motions of cosmos. but both these working and the exercising women and also men have their senses of appropriateness put into a state of slumber. and in the slumber sometimes they dream of an existence that is as natural as that of any other free mammal. but immediately their conditioned response tells that they are of a form of existence that is above all other forms of life, and therefore, their sense of superiority requires of them to use anything and being to sustain their notion of superiority. thus the poor dream of riches and the rich of getting richer.

it then extends into using those humans who can be subdued into serving the ones who have acquired an imaginary power. this required an elaborate scheme, and enlisting collaboration of those who have enrolled as competitors in the scheme of superior beings. initially each one started out using individual form of subjugation, such as physical force, money, or ideological superiority like knowledge and belief of being god's earthly agents. but eventually all of them realized that it was in their best interest to cooperate in their share in the plunder of the people and other things and beings.

those who are exploited thus and made ignorant and weak may not realize, that in comparison, the manual worker is physically more energetic than a materially rich person, and it is only the conditioned fear that projects a person as one against the entire system. when somehow more exploited people begin to realize that beyond the systemically imposed isolation, all isolated have collectively more energy than what is needed to confront the system and abolish it.

it does not require the physical force of violent nature. but it does require a waking jolt to shake off the slumber to enable one to see the system that controls them is only a belief. and it disintegrates when one stops believing in it. this enables one to see and reject the ideological sense of inferiority called fate, and intellectual inferiority created by keeping one ignorant by the way of poverty. then one also sees that in the biological existence, nature accepts no such distinction between rich and poor; literate and illiterate.

all the money in the bank that one cannot naturally use, all fat around one's waist that one cannot transfer into energy actually keeps such person from feeling naturally well, as well does a butterfly among flowers. have you ever seen a butterfly that was so heavy with the pollen that flowers crushed under its weight?

but butterfly has no dual existence, one as it is and one to show off. everyone knows this, and even feels appalled by seeing the naturalness of creatures tampered with by making them look and behave like caricatures. and man has made a lucrative profession out of creating ideological imagery for the rich.

watch the way of life of the human primate. unlike other primates and other creatures, even the mundane motions of the rich and middle class human life is composed of the dual existence, the biological and the ideological. the biological existence is experienced mostly in terms of aches and pains that poor experience in terms of not being provided for the physical existence enough to feel well; and the rich by not achieving the ideal image in others' eyes as the perfect human species. the commerce sector is created to develop the visual and verbal image of that ideal person. look at the dwellings and dresses and dress codes for the rich: even in formal occasions they have to dress differently depending upon the codes, whether it is for formal dinner or formal outing. a presidential candidate may role up his spotlessly white shirt sleeves when campaigning in the working class area, but may not even loosen his tie even a little while attending his own fund raising gathering event at a rich place. even their informal wears are set to the codes designated for the place and purpose of outing.

as for the women of the rich, the codes for looking well dressd are torturous, from tons of facial makeup to the high heeled pointed shoes. the dress that was once for the sole purpose for the protection from the weather is now determined by the fashion designer in the employ of the commerce sector.

all the things, beings, and thoughts that are produced to create and maintain the ideological image of the person requires energy. but looking good in others' eyes does not make one good, much the same as an actor playing the role of superman or buddha does not make the actor super or wise. the building of the tajmahal was not needed by the queen who had died. likewise, the grand palaces and white houses with many rooms does not enable to really occupy all the many rooms.

before thinking for the new forms of energy is needed an inquiry of the existing forms of energy and its usage; whom for and why. it is obvious that most of the energy is used for and by the ideological person to maintain the ideal image that can be projected only on stage in an acted form. actors may appear real in the eyes watching from the audience. the moment one leaves the stage and gets out from the theatre, both the actor and the audience fall back in to the reality of life.

in the natural form of existence, all persons playing presidents, preachers, and any other professionals, can breathe only lungful of air in a breath, can eat and digest only stomachful of food; and so on. so knowing this brings about an awareness, that there is a symbiotic relationship between the actor and the audience. between the rich and the poor, exploiter and the exploited. without the one, the other cannot exist. it was what gandhi had told the mill workers: it is not in the interests of the rich to cooperate with the poor; it in the interests of the poor to non cooperate with the rich.

and it may be, that the first step to abolishing any form of apartheid is to stop being impressed or trying to impress, hence stop trying to imitate the rich. this in itself releases the energy being wasted. after all, being what one is simplifies the motions of life so much that the consumer based economy, and hence capitalism, crumbles without even a word uttered in protest. are you trying to impress anybody in any of the many forms in the way of life you have acquired as an actor?

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