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the flow of cosmic nature and a measure of value in commerce

on reading and writing
the swastika-like eternity                                       commercial time

svastika is a compound of sva (स्व), meaning the "self"; astika (अस्तिक), itself a compound of asti (अस्ति), meaning "existent" or "existing"; and ka (क), which denotes the neutral gender. thus, the literal meaning of swastika is "one that is self-existent", or "self-existing", in other words; "unborn and directly originating from eternity since time eternal. (from wikipedia)

the invention of the time is the result of man working for another man, whether as slave or in its modern form, the employee. in either case it's a work to be done during man's naturally active and alert state of being. and then with the invention of the electricity the darkness of the night was removed in the workplaces creating the second shift.

the man who invented the value of time observed duration and efforts it took to do a work, both in terms of the physical energy, commonly called labour, and the demand for the work done. this manual energy was gradually replaced with the invention of the steam engine and machines running with the energy extracted from oil, electricity and gas. since the first use of the machines running with the steam engine was applied to carriage pulled by horse, this new form of energy was equated with the energy of the horse, the horse power. horses were captured from the wild and "broken" to work for man. then the breeding horses in the captivity made it easier and less time consuming to train the horse for the work in fields and pulling carts and carriages, and also as trainer's skill in showing off, the circus horse. similarly, the humans are not born work ready. like horses the humans, too, are “broken” and trained to work with machines. the mental part of the training involves the removing of the individual perceptive senses, and replaced with the obeying of the command. this is done in the compulsory schooling between the age 6 and 16, and then honed in individual fields in graduate and postgraduate studies.

this is done since horses do not have hands to perform the minimum interaction with the machines, the factories that still operate with the earlier forms of mechanical devices have to have the men trained for the specific operations as required by the machine. all this form and function of the work is for the benefit of the owner, who evaluates the operation in terms of what he "spends" and "gains", the profit motive. this is where the spending and benefits of energy is calculated as time.

nature is not anybody's employee, nor is it infested with the notion of a self image. it just is, and isness has no schedule to follow. now all the creatures outside of man's domain exist in this timeless state of being. not a thing, thought or action upsets their state of being, which, not being conceptual is not limited to a fixed form. it is like a statement in the present tense: a person is dead. there it says it. there is no self, only the transference of form of interactions with other beings and elements other than the conceptual identity created time schedule that begins at conception and ends at death. that which does not further the profit motive of the employer is not factored in the tight time schedule of the employer, nor does it interest the employee who is solely concerned with the earning a living.

the brains are only processing the intakes, but are not processor. the processor is not the self existing self, but a collective sense of perception, the conscience. without the conscience, the brains would work on a singular sensory perception according to a previous similar experience, which is habitual response. it is how the machines work, the brains function, the broken horses and the blue and white collar workers work. this is the basis of the conditioning premier used in the military training, on the job training and in schooling. the sole purpose of the drill, whether physical or mental is to numb and inactivate any other sensations other than what is told or shown. this is how the masters and slaves are created from the human beings who once lived like the rest of the creatures in harmony with nature.

look at how a gorilla lives, or an earthworm lives without the pocket watch or wristwatch; without the factory siren informing them when to wake up and start foraging, when to transform the soil into rich nutrient for the vegetation. the earthworm, the vegetation and the gorilla interact without the elaborate schooling and supervision. it is not even self-regulated sense created ideal way of life of in a kibbutz or a gandhian ashram, or zen or catholic monks and nuns, who all function with a cultivated conscience that works within a defined perimeter. it forms a way of life, whether guided by religion or political or social ideology. it is thus that modern humans cooperate with each other within a preset form, even when each one may be harboring ill will for one another. every slave, each laboring worker hates the employing authority and the work imposed.

it is thus that whoever does ordering others to work to maintain his ideal image, whether a president, c e o or religious or political organization fears, and requires a secluded living, a palace guarded by armed troops or bodyguards and modern gadgets of protection. the ideological image of the person is made up of idea, the thought that constantly improvises, all the thinking of the person living in the ideal image also changes, including his sense of safety. an american person in the role of president, whose gated house is protected by armed guards and surveillance camera conceives threat by a peasant living across the oceans, and orders a drone attack to kill him. his subjects, who have not read and understood the script called the constitution and may ideologically consider it to be unnecessary killing do not realize that without the wars across the oceans there cannot be their way of life that is the envy of the most of the people of the world.

and all this is arising from the absence of the wholesomely engaged existence of the human person who is ordering others to do his work, whether feeding him or fighting his wars to defend his ideal image. and time is nothing but a distance between what one rather do or not do, and what is required to do in the role of the acquired image, whether as a head or a subordinate.

wondering what a living without this ideological thought called time would be like? questioning all that one does and would like to do would negate the need to continue doing things in actorly mode, and leave the stage. even the professional actors do not perform all day long on the stage. yet, when the whole modern world has become a stage, even those other creatures who are not acting are subjected to fit the tight time schedule of man.

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