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the urban humans: making of a subspecies

a letter to alexandia ocasio cortez
pope blessing the imaginary audience in st peter’s square , march, 2020

look at the above picture. the catholic pope playing his role, automated puppet-like, without being aware of the futility of the action. an aware human being would call off such an event. an often repeated act creates a biological conditioning, which requires no awareness of the justification of acts that would otherwise evoke responses.

or, just look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself what you are looking at and what for. whether as urban male or female, is it not for the commercially available means and methods to improvise your visual image to be pleasing in other people’s eyes, which, too, are critically looking for faults in what they see, just so that you do not appear to be better then them? Ask yourselves what is the purpose of the mirror if not to look for the blemishes, and hide them before others can see them? Is not the fear of disapproval of your physical form?

Human beings, too, are born perfect, like most other creatures most of the time, until somehow something happens to the embryo in the mother’s womb, like the mother does not adjust her living to changes required during the gestation period, and also before and after that. Pregnancy and the monthly periods for the urban socialite women are perceived as nuisance, and are hidden with the use of commercial devices. There is said to be a french queen who had a gown made for her to hide her pregnancy bulge, which then became a fashion for rich ladies. Now this is different from seeking help in enabling the physical body to heal itself to its natural form, without trying to change it.

the difference between toys and human beings is of two kinds: a human being is born and constantly evolves, and then dies, naturally. a toy is made in a factory. it does not evolve, but constantly wears out and disintegrates. a human being relates to things and being on one’s own volition. toy cannot. it is mechanically made and powered by an outer source to act in specific ways. a toy cannot act on its own volition having none. nor can a human being act toylike, having a will to resist outer sources of energy and a set form of motions.

all creatures are formed by coming together of various elements, each of which has a precise way to be, and in being together in the human form these elements exist (be) with a precise will to be. a will, which is simply a natural way to exist (be). and when experiencing an obstacle to thus be, resist.

take a horse existing roaming free in the wild. in confinement of corral, in every element that the captured horse experiences, he feels the need to be in the wild again. it is this limitation that disables the horse to be natural which creates a resistance, and the will to be free. a horse living in the wild does not need to have such feelings.

the term: ‘breaking the horse’ refers to literally breaking down that urge to be free by denying that in every which way, and in replacing all that with a new way of life. the resistance is tempered with physical punishment, so much so that eventually with the sight of a punishing tool, the whip generates the fear of being physically hurt. the feeling of any kind, which is being conscious of one or several elemental components that form the physical body of the human being. it is thus the physical body that is the prime retainer of the very being of the human being. even the brains are after all a physical organ. so protection of the physical body, in parts or whole is primary concern when sensing fear of the corporal punishment.

now replace the horse with the human being. and see how one human being is remaking another human being to become a work animal that is taught to act as told suppressing all one’s natural instincts to resist and rebel, break loose of the confinement. what happens to a free horse within a corral is what is done to a human person when captured as a slave, becoming docile enough to act upon the command overriding all the captive person’s physical resistance; become a functionally robot, that, though born like a human being and having nature given source of energy, acts upon the cue coming not from within, but without. as this remade person is born and dies like a human being and has all the characteristics of a human being except one, the conscience, which is the sense of the ultimate awareness of the natural interconnectedness of the cause and effect, the right response. the toy or the robot does not have such an awareness.

the technique of animal husbandry takes over from there. the select females and males are mated to reproduce already resistanceless offspring, making the training easier for the slave driver. what a little foal running along its mother fillie who is being trained is the same thing that happens to the human child placed in the school system, called the grade school, where the learners are graded like the graded potatoes, and separated according to the received grades, from the top “a” down to the failing “f” to make it easy for the employment agencies. And they will work like father, like son; like mother, like daughter, the children learn to absorb the command and obey the rule. raised such, within a few generations, such human beings differ from the untrained humans, as much as the bonobos differ from chimpanzees, and some more. the urban humans look like the primitive humans, but with evolving differences; physical changes and abilities related to the use of their limbs and organs, the food intake, along with the household furnishings and the automated means of transportation have changed the urban body in the pear shaped body that cannot squat or climb trees like the more limber bodied primitives.

depending upon the quantity of their verbal input, the urban humans are prone to not see things for and by themselves, but are quick to act as instructed even when that may turn out to harm them. their training being competitive with the top learner receiving a work of better physical comfort. this further downgrades the least absorber of the instructed lot. the hierarchical trend that is developing from this further separates humans from one another within the same subspecies. this forms certain professions that even pride in hurting and even in killing people and other life forms in the name of their job description, even when other totally non destructive problem solving methods are in view. the armed forces, the weapons and medical industries are prime examples of this trend.

when human creatures, too, physically exist like other species, naturally they would not employ others to work for them. the urban humans are a subspecies. they even employ others to do thinking and seeing for them. and one can in fact observe the urban humans further becoming more like the mechanical toys.

if the thus employed humans are existing like wound-up toys, it makes the employers living in the arrested childhood. this happens to the children who are raised by overprotective parents who are influenced by the professional child psychologists. the early childhood education confines the children to the indoor way of life, when naturally they would be running and jumping around, which develops their limbs and organs and keeps them limber-bodied. this process of physical motion begins in early infancy. when an infant is placed on its back, it starts moving itd hands and legs vigorously, and soon after being able to stand up begins to walk and then run. if left alone, after becoming physically healthy children will naturally develop their perceptive senses, first connected with their physical motion, and then into sense of reasoning as to the cause and effect, such as what was done wrong that resulted in mishaps; the little missteps and minor injuries and such that children learn from, instantaneously, nonverbally and directly from the happening.

such children live experientially without needing to be told what is what, and when such a child happens to be in the urban surrounding unintentionally finds oneself to be in conflict with what one is told what is and what one experiences it to be. growing up thus into adulthood, one learns to negate what is not. there, the developing sense of reasoning enables one to distinguish between the personal and universal reality. that is, what one individually can and cannot is different from what is universally undoable; what can be done only cooperatively, and ultimately, what is an unjustifiable act even if it seems initially rewarding. the automated weapons and soldiers are prime examples of the degrading effects making of the human subspecies. being employed by another person, doing things that are not justifiable; and doing anything at all for the notion of self security, including for love and respect -- that are just the forms of fear -- are the tools for creating a subspecies out of a human being.

a wholesome human being also experiences pain and joy, and takes action in avoiding the known possible forms that can hurt one. but whether in avoiding the possibility of hurt or even actually being in pain, one never feels frightened, which is nothing but the thought of regret that it has happened.

a free creature or human being, lives only in the now, and now is simply flowing with the life’s flow, without the fore or afterthought. we all are born free to live thus, and live like that until enrolled into being transformed into an actor in the name of country, culture or pure verbal fear of fear.

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