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knowledge: intellectual property
root of the socioeconomic apartheid

English alphabet and sounds
the nation weekly and the new york times paper blocking for the unpaid reading.

the free education, which imparts general knowledge, which now can be had better from internet documentaries than any school teacher can offer, ends after high school. after that, even a word of further non consequential information costs even in the state run universities. and these institutions are themselves segregated into the ivy league and ordinary status, even though what is offered is much the same, except in manner of the presentation and the cushy sitting arrangement like high price restaurants. there, the value of number arbitrarily changes making the 2 + 2 = bigger 4. and the student of the ivy league commerce graduate gets to be managerial job while one from the lesser institution finds employment in washing dishes.

similar distinctions exists in the news media. thus the subscription rates are different, even though the much of the source item is the same for both. the mincing of the words in the way the news is printed, how it is written, earns them the subscriptions and the commercial ads.

not long ago knowledge and common sense were synonymous, as what was private was only the firsthand experiencing of all that was available to one was also freely available to everyone. thus it did not matter who experientially knew for the first time was soon made public, widening the dimensions of the common sense.

it is thus that in all other creatures their sense functions are in common, and yet none of their act is repetitive. it is like a thing mass produced, like cell phone, that has its function in common, but none of the user speaks the same in phone. yet, when it comes to the selling of information, every user acts the same every time that information is acted upon. it is like the commercial: "headache?, take anacin"

the advertizing is an enterprise for pay, which gets paid as middleman for selling information regarding the promoted product, whether it is medicine or footwear. in the commerce controlled world, an information about a thing itself becomes a part of the thing. thus, though a foot wear is what one wears on foot, people do not let their biological feet tell them what fits the feet, rather they let their eyes wear shoes being shown by the tv what brand the famous people wear. and the famous people and the fashion models are paid to show off the products advertised.

the school syllabus designed by the salaried commercial enterprise has transformed the modern human world into a stage, where every thought, thing, person and act is scripted. even the dissenting views are offered in the well defined form, so that the play goes on without disruption, like the leaders of warring nations, who even shake hands at the u.n. meeting while their soldiers bomb each other's people.

this may sound outlandish only for the intellectuals sitting in the cubicles, who do not realize that the play can go on only for so long. and one can breathe the same air in an enclosed room until all its oxygen content is changed into suffocating spent air. then either one has to vacate the room or die out.

people, both playing on the stage and as the onlooker audience are dying out. but for now they are being replaced by the new graduates playing the directors and dishwashers. what is not cognized just yet, is another factor. the young women and men trained to conceive and reproduce will continue to do so are not aware, that every new generation they thus reproduced as programmed is born with the lessening abilities to cope with the stress their stage-like existence has created. even real actors rush for a glass of wine or a puff of cigarette, cocaine and the likes after the show. this preformed mode of living has reached even to the children so much, that now middle school children have started to use hard drugs.

the stress comes when one is required to act out as told when it goes against the grains, and one does not see it necessary to act. at young age, and also as an ill-informed young adult one does not see how one can get out of the trap one is put in.

the reaction varies depending upon the degree of the stress, and the commerce produced means of escape available to one, one either explodes using the commercially avilable means of destruction, or one drags on, and does things one personally abhors - like killing and exploiting others in the name of duty as a soldier or a commerce industry employee; marries and reproduces one or two offspring, who would replace one as 'like father, like son; like mother, like daughter', and the play goes on.

but the law of nature supersedes all manmade laws. so even a well made machine eventually begins to malfunction and finally stop. the skirmishes between two individuals or groups or nations who are handed different scripts, and yet expected to perform on the same stage in the same play are indicative of the fact, that somewhere in the upbringing of the people something went wrong; like some person, who became ill and was helped with one's functions during the period of illness forming the habit of receiving the same help while not being incapacitated with illness. this habit is in fact, the result of the numbing of the brains' functions that would have been otherwise required in normal actions. ten such brains thinks of even enlisting the help of others in forcing others to keep serving. this is the basis of the function of the class system.

those enlisted thus are conniving middlemen between the rich (<reich <rex: regal, king) and the poor, who form the hierarchy of classes within the class system, functioning as the president of a factory or a nation or the foot soldier or the labor worker. take away their scripts, and a commander in chief of a mighty nation or a lowly janitor, and neither will be able to live. that is why the ex-presidents are endowed with not just the handsome living allowance, but are provided with the staff to help them with the non active ex-presidential non actions like delivering the ghost written speeches and cutting ribbons of equally non functional social acts.

like any other mental illness, the richness is an illness that a mentally ill person does not know that one is ill, nor can one cure it with self help. obviously, the middlemen would not want any change in the ongoing play that takes away their relatively lesser comfortable positions.

as for the masses, whether the adults or their children, unless they are either deprived of their various forms and degrees of escape from the dread, and somehow awakened to their nature given form and functions as a human primate that has no class system and evolves, unless and until that happens the repetition of the same will go on until it finally wears out, and the human species hits the dusk as did the giant t rex.

lots of things have happened
to bother my little self.
and each one to remind me of my immortality
that i had asked of the unknown as a believer. i
t was easy then to pass on to him all my problems and pains
and as a believer that's how i lived
parroting and playing puppets for the unknown maker.

once again i am a mortal
and i cannot become a believer now.
it is so dark all around here in the theatre
and i cannot see who else is in the audience sitting next to me.
i very much like to see and meet.
we may agree that the play be stopped,
the stage be broken and parrots to fly away.
we may disagree, too, and may walk away in different directions.
everything is possible once seeing
(from 'unamerican dreams and dissent.)

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