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language as the medium of aware interaction

monks begging for food

etymology of the words: intelligent, understand
early 16th century: from latin intelligent- ‘understanding’, from the verb intelligere, variant of intellegere ‘understand’, from inter ‘between’ + legere ‘choose’.
understand. verb:
old english understandan "to comprehend, grasp the idea of, receive from a word or words or from a sign the idea it is intended to convey; to view in a certain way," probably literally "stand in the midst of," from under standan:"to stand" (see stand(v.)). if this is the meaning, the under is not the usual word meaning "beneath," but from old english under, from pie *nter- "between, among" (source also of sanskrit antar "among, between," latin inter "between, among," greek entera "intestines;" inter.

like the expression: “it’s all greek to me”, until all written and spoken forms of communication are made in the local common language — the legal, medical, and scientific forms do certainly feel like “greek” to most people, and it is kept as such to keep people from knowing how they are abused. the bible translated in local languages lost its hold on people’s thoughts and actions as prescribed by the church.

it is a fact, that there is a wall made of a conditioned reflex that has created the socioeconomic and biological apartheid .

if intelligence offers choices, then what one chooses may or may not be the right action or thing one needs. for instance, if i need to type a letter ‘a’ i have no choice but to press the button ‘a’ on the keyboard. if i am thirsty, only water will quench my thirst. choices may offer a wide variety of liquids — tea, coffee, milk, lemonade, beer and so on, any of which one may drink to put some liquid in the body, and one may seem to have quenched the thirst when one’s body does not need actual water. but when one’s perceptive senses are fine tuned, one does indeed experientially sense that one needs water without the caffeine and all of that. needs are not the items of the windowshopping. so, too, in technical work, only a precise tool would do. choices are commerce created wants for the shopping spree that feeds on the lack of meaningful motions of life aided by the power of purse.

each word has to mean the same for everyone of the language group, as does every number, from one to infinity means the same in mathematics. no one attaches a personal value to it. when in language we assign one particular meaning to every word, much of the squabbles, misunderstandings, disputes and wars would disappear; the truth of the matter becoming obvious, lawyers would not make a living defending disagreeing parties. judges would not be able to impose their personal preference as the verdict. in the u.s. congress, supreme court decisions and the elections, the truth of the matter would not be subject to the majority’s decision or imposed by the single bully person or nation, as it has been happening in the u.n. assembly where the united states’ veto overrides the judgement of the entire world body.

as for the verdict on the deaths in the era of the coronavirus, it is mind boggling to see who plays the prosecutor, jury and the judge in a commerce controlled government. the vaccine is produced by the commerce sector, which also controls all governmental elected officials, as well as the journalists employed by the media to stay in the office. so the statistics of the number of persons infected, vaccinated and cured is “all is fair in war and love” of profit making. the only exception to this phenomenon is the work of the repair shops, whether it is the auto repair or the shoe repair. they do not advertise as the word of mouth of their customers need no padded statistics for the survival of their business.

life expectancy itself is a theory now taken for granted in favour of the drug controlled west that implants the notion of ihe third world’s people dropping dead due to not having the curable drugs. so, too, if not sold plentiful, the pharmaceutical industry itself would drop dead. the financially subservient poor nations are made to acquire drugs as a condition to receiving loans. since neither the commerce sector nor the elected or imposed heads of state are in the business of charity, the granting and receiving of any blueprint of the governance and other forms of help is to retain the status quo, and not really aimed at the welfare of the population at large of both the donor and recipient nations.

when largely exaggerated statistics of life expectancy of the poor nations, all deaths, including the infant mortalities are counted and observed in nature’s way, more infants of every life form die than the adults. in the western countries, it is the wordings that change the statistics: the forceful termination of life is not counted as death, which makes it appear to have better life expectancy in the western world. it included into the counting all forms the termination of life, from the moment of fertilization of the human egg, whether with the morning after pill or the abortion of the fetus, the life expectancy rate of the western countries would be much lower than promoted to be by the commerce sector. of course, this does not disregard the deaths caused by the overwork and lack of life sustaining food and basic necessities of life in poor countries made poor by the greedy rich people of the west and their local subordinates. in this respect, all heads of the institutions, whether the governmental, the for profit or even not for profit rely on the manufactured statistics to depict the efficacy of their works, whether it is the killings in wars or saving life with the drugs.

there is a fine line between growth and improvisation, and between improvisation and exaggeration, such as between pain and suffering. pain is experienced physically, the reaction to it causes suffering in the thought of its other implications, such as the interruptions of the physical problem caused in other activities; and even as fear of the lowering of one’s self image in others’ eyes. living in the here and now of the natural animal world, of which humans are a biological species, the suffering of the reactionary kind is not possible to have. in almost all instances animals have no spare time, mind and energy to wallow over being hurt and even feel pain as the immediacy is requiring the full response in the form of the physical action. It is in a programmed living, which is stepping into the known and expected arena that, requiring no watching one's steps, that the thinking process takes over in terms of that one's efforts would not be enough, and the fears of not being able to cope with the fears.

in this interpersonal interaction, whether between two individuals or among theoretically connected world populace, even the material exchange of all forms of goods and services begin with words in forms of spoken and written words of request, agreement, permission, and the command constituting the scripted laws of nations and the commercial conglomerates.

nowhere in these stage-like interactions is there a consideration that the rich and poor humans are not made different in form and function in natural aspirations. so despite the vigorous training made of rewards and punishment, people are unable to live as confucius’s expectation of “a good citizen is one who abides by the law” of the nation, whether hitler’s or communists' or capitalists'. these scripted codes of conduct exert efforts to mould the behaviour through education. but the very concept of the governance itself shows that, despite the ever expanding limits of rules the human person is unable to to be free of the desire to break loose of the shackles. so even the real actors of stage and movie screen cherish to move away from the director’s controlling gaze; slaves try to run away; the elephants trained to march with the circus band trample their trainers motivated by the natural must, soldiers graduated from the excruciating boot camp and even decorated for the valor in the battlefield go on killing rampage.

the name making is the creation of the commercial enterprise. It exploits unintelligent persons' desires to benefit from other areas outside of their individual talents. it is the creation of the make-up industry. makeup is making it up. pretend to be what one is not. it has created a thriving cosmetic enterprise that sells not just the lotions and potions, but even surgical, pharmaceutical and spiritual means to augment the acquired sense of deficiency. and now there is the a l, the artificial intelligence to put words in one’s thoughts and writings. it is still true that ‘what you see is what you get.’ and there is the revelation, like: ”by looking at one’s mother in law may one envision what one’s bride would turn out to be,”

so electing a nation’s president by the person’s looks and household name made up by the media gets the nation an actor, the likes of ex-president reagan, winning fights in westerns and star wars, to drag the nation into senseless real invasions of the small nations like granada, libya and iraq that are no match like the native indians facing the gatling guns mounted on the jet planes depicted by the hollywood movies. It is by the very formation that whatever is produced by the commerce sector must sell. and there is the advertising industry composed of the internet and the movie industry to promote the sales of those things for which there is no naturally justifiable need.

there is some truth observed in an old sanskrit language saying: “yatha raja tatha praja” translated in english: “the rulers and the ruled are alike”. and in a democrattic nation it is the people who choose to elect their leaders, unlike the self-imposed dictator herding them where they do not need to go.

as for act of seeing things as they are, from his personal experimental experiences in acting as told to him by the guides that nearly killed him, the buddha had this observation:

when see, what is before the eyes,
when hearing, listen with ears;
see not with the ears, nor listen with the eyes,
believe not because the buddha told,
see it yourself what the truth unfolds.

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