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economics of procreative organs

economics of procreative organs
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the commercial enterprise operates on the basis of supply and demand. in order to increase the profit margin it regulates the supply. then with the automation, the industry developed the increased means and methods of supply with the minimum of cost as computed from the perspective of the industrialist. it excluded the actual cost of production which would also include the cost of maintenance of the human workers. the industry pays the cost of upkeep and maintenance of the non human component of the work force, such as machines and automobiles.

with the increased capacity to produce, the industry then began to expand by capturing the foreign markets with the help of the state's armed forces. this worked well for awhile, but then the colonized consumer states gradually began to assert some control of their own welfare, and even compete with the colonizing enterprises. so the industry began to move its factories abroad, where the labour is cheap and labour laws almost unheard of.

those paid to sit in the think tank began to think of increasing the profit margin in alternate ways. thus they came upon the idea of regulating the number of the consuming populace. besides, the human birth is already called reproduction, making it a birth factory where people are reproduced from the mold, who will be consuming goods, like father, like son; like mother, like daughter.

as the word: rich< reich < rex:- regal states, the commercial entrepreneurs and the state are separate only in word. so, too, is the religion a third arm of the rich. every religion was propagated by the king's army, and is now funded by the rich. so the thinkers in the tank of the pharmaceutical industry advocated the notion of the planned parenthood to regulate the baby production to accommodate the automation which reduced the need for the human labour. this being a rushed up action upon very fragmented thinking, it creates contradiction in terms. for, it also reduces the continued reproduction of the consuming populace: machines do not consume goods they produce.

with the most weaponized military and civilian population, the u.s commerce sector has altered the christian tenets of ethics and morality with the tax exempted donations to the church, in effect rendering all ten commandments moot. the right to bear arms is enshrined in the u.s. constitution. so the planned parenthood is simply the right to bear a chemical weapon, the pill, preventive or abortive with regards to the reproduction.

becoming parents requires both the female and male. so too, whether to conceive or not to conceive or terminate the conceived is an act that requires both of the couple. being of male or female is possible only in context and contact with each other. remove one, and the other does not exist in physically active female or male person. the ideally thought out abstinence of sex may create an ideal monk or nun. but not every renunciate lives up to that ideal in thought, speech, and action. the homosexuality is as common among monks as it is outside of an abbey. and pedophile monks and church officials simply display the distance between a real and ideal state of being.

the belief system enables a believer to practically live totally opposite of what one believes in, creating a split between the ideal and real. the pharmaceutical industry treats the female and male sex organs to be the whole female and male person, as if the sex organs exist on each one's own. only then it could manufacture chemical and mechanical, surgical devices of the birth control.

modern science is generally what a schooled professional employed by the commercial sector thinks things are. the branch of science that experiments on theories that seem workable produces marketable products, such as everything around the modern human being, beginning with the clothing to the inside and outside of the dwelling; the city, state, and the national boundaries. experimental scientist is usually motivated by the desire of sitting high on the ladder of the one up-manship formed of the socio-economic status. so his primary concern forces him to produce things that are regardless of the concern of the effects of the long term consequences.

the delayed effects of any ill conceived product affects everyone without regards to the manmade classifications such as the producers and consumers. whether the product is a pill or household goods, or even the most modern weapon, like drone that requires no flying pilot seemingly distances the weapon user from the gore of the killing field. a drone using president of a nation or a dispensing chemist in the employ of a medical dispensary is only visually distant from the gore that surrounds a butcher in a butcher shop. a consumer, whether a citizen of a nation for whose made to order welfare does a president wage the drone war in a distant land, or a shopper in a supermarket buying a neatly wrapped choice cut of beef, both are motivated by their own comforts of immediate nature. nobody in the commercially produced way of life is enabled time to reflect on the very sense of being what one is outside of the state/rich induced identity of the self, a national, religious, secular, or any new conceptual. all these identities come with the consumer goods that go with the described state of the person in word, goods and action. so does the planned parenthood come with its pertinent items to be bought.

what is conveniently ignored is the long term effects of this misconstrued identity of the person, whether as an individual female or male or a citizen. the missing element in this is the cognizance of the ecologically biological state of being of the person. it is not that this is a subject some highly profound understanding that only a super intelligent person can grasp. even a common person experiences the interdependent existence there is, not only among people, but with other things, being and thought and action. it is only despite this knowing people feel incapable to incorporate this understanding with their living that is controlled by the commerce conceived laws of state and culture.

since the laws of nature, that is the nature of things are not alterable, what commerce produces still must abide by the nature of things. so, for instance, whatever inedible things the food industry puts in the food to extend the shelf life of a food item, must then produce the adverse effect in the people who eat them. whatever pills a woman swallows to prevent or to terminate pregnancy must then affect her natural bodily motions that are tampered with. and these unintended ill-effects called the side effects are not only unknown, but are printed on the label in six point types encouraging people to ignore it. the industry may ask people to ignore it, but nature is not the consumer, nor a law abiding citizen. it must have something to do with the growing low sperm counts in males of modern societies, for the natural function of the sperm to co-create the life form is denied in the male female interaction with the use of medical interventions. this in effect denies the very being male, and only simulates the manly physical motion in bed. with women now being able to earn a living, the traditional role of man's being the provider and protector is already gone.

or perhaps, nature is using the modern science to play in the hands of the industry for the nature's design? observe the male female relationships of the people and other creatures that are not subject to the commercial conglomerates. for instance, the population of india before the second world war was, what gandhi referred to as the "33 crore devata" (calling every soul a god in one hindu concept), about three hundred million. the statistical data shown here, depicts the effects of postindustrial way of life upon the birth rate in india where the human male and female interactions did not differ much from that among other creatures before:

1700 a.d. 127026,0
1800 a.d. 255000,0
1900 a.d. 271306,0
2000 a.d. 1014003,8

these figures, in millions, show that until industrial revolution spread globally after the second world war, the birth and death rate was maintained by the natural phenomena, including the killer epidemics, and famines as well as periods of war and calm and abundance. the birth and death were not subject to any ideology, religious or governmental, commercial. between 1700 and 1800 a.d. the population doubled in india. in the next hunded years it increased by merely 21 millions. and in the next hundred years it increased nearly fourfold, despite the partition of the subcontinent separating the populations of bangladesh and pakistan.

the medically terminated pregnancy does not count as mortality. otherwise, the figures of the western birth, death and life expectancy would become similar to that of the third world.

what the professional statisticians did not observe is the effect of the lifestyle created by the commerce. there is a marked difference between the ways naturally free person and a person enslaved to earn a living by working for others live. even the difference is observed in free and captive animals. the forceful insemination of the giant panda in the china zoo is well known "success" story from the perspective of those professionals making a handsome living at the expense of the maternal instinct of the female panda. if done the same upon a human female, it would be called a surgical rape. one of gandhi's observations regarding the human male female interactions was: 'how many men rape their own wives? how many women prostitute themselves to their own husbands?' unless it is a mutual act without any ulterior motive it cannot be an act of love.

now, it is not just the pro-creative act of modern humans, it is their very subscription to the concept of self prescribed by the commercial means and methods that is in conflict with the nature of things. and no one likes to feel forced to labour except when it is the labour of love. so a worker, whether white collar or black collar works with the pent-up resentment, and comes home with a desire to forget it all, wants to reassert oneself. sexual activity is one such avenue in which one experiences the other worldly ecstasy, described by an esoteric sect as 'the sibling of the cosmic joy'. and then there is the after effect of the release, a state of stupor. that is why, the poorer the labourer, the stronger the sex drive in the hard working low paid workers. statistically, the working class poor have more children than those who have other forms of escape. those women and men who are better paid white collar workers who can afford it seek other forms of make believe escape made available by the commerce sector. one such form is the use of the birth control pills and other pharmaceutical and medical, surgical means.

now, the element of life is not subject to the commerce controlled state laws. nor is the appearance of a new species upon the earth or the termination of it is controlled by man. how does a human person live, whether free or in the cultural confines is still within the nature of all one's elemental components that form one. it is there, that things are not as described in the state of the union by the president of a nation, or of the corporation, or the state of the health of a person described by the surgeon general or the advertisement of a pharmaceutical product. thus, despite the materially well provided, the people of the industrialized places do not experience life any way more than does a person living in the third world. only, they differ in the forms of experiencing. now the commercial thinkers of china are rethinking the one child only policy. so are the japanese and some western countries now worried about the declining birth rates, for there will not be enough working people to care for the ageing population and maintain the economic growth. as the frustrated heads of state resort to violence with wars, their subjects vent their anger in violent behavior. the incidences of killings by children in school are increasing, and more americans are killed by guns since 1968 than in all u.s. wars.

so it seems, it matters not to the state regulated by the rich how people are killed, as ultimately all manmade killings require tools made in factories, whether weapons factory or pharmaceutical factory.


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