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decentralization of power: political and personal

of trust and trustees
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do published writers and podium speakers physically communicate with those nearby – the family members, neighbours, colleagues and coworkers? and why not?

how much one is willing to step down to be equal footed with those on the ground?

even in the commercialized way of the western world, a selfless act is admired. being selfless, one has no self, has no self identity.

self is the central point from which the sphere of domain of influence is created. though not physically made of natural elements, it is the ever increasingly dense thicket of thoughts that at times even the prospect of death does not penetrate it. anything and everything that can be described in words, custom, culture, religion, and any ideology like political and scientific theories is a fabric woven with the thread spun by the self. the self being weak hides within the cocoon made of this fabric of words. formed of the elements of living organism human beings are not born with this self. it is born of the first thrust of fear that generates motion of self preservation. at this point, the point of reference is the preservation of the living organism, and it is nothing but the motion created by the act of prevention, from any form the possible harm may come. it is as simple as the eyelids closing in the dusty gust of wind. it is a thoughtless response made by the nonverbal sense of being. conversely, any danger that has the verbal description of its form, the danger is to the verbal self created and made stationary from the acquired identity. and its danger is not to the physical being, but only to the termination of the acquired role playing. the ending of the show does not kill the person, only his role specifying certain actions the acting person has grown accustomed to.

the buddhist/hindu concept of maya or the shakespearean perception of the world as the stage suggests that all motions performed as a way of life is scripted and repeated according to a given play the duration of its repitition is as long as a civilization, a culture, a reign of a king or a constitution. some form of performance lasts a long time, and some as short as some of the regimes like the cambodian pol pot. but whatever the duration of the play, an actor must follow the script. and as in the hollywood movie in the making of the westerns before the animal rights movement, the horses, and especially the rattle snakes were actually killed. likewise, in the southeast asian regime changes some people who were not fighting were actually killed to portray the power of the individual rank of the soldier like a lieutenant kelly of mi lai massacre. there was a rumor in the hollywood area, that the actor who played moses began to so much feel empowered like moses, that when acting in other roles in other movies he still acted like moses, and appeared out of sync.

self takes its form made up of words describing an idea, and ideological form, a certain way of motions of life for persons within one’s surrounding, be it a home, a neighbourhood, a city, state or nation and the united nation, depending upon the strength of the fiber of thought. the garment of this fiber of thought are made in the schools and media outlets that they disseminate among the unsuspecting children and adults, who are told that they are vulnerable without wearing this ideal garment. and within this garment the wearer learns to adjust one’s natural sense of being with the limitations of motions created by the garment. it is like toes losing their limberness being confined in the shoes shaped for an ideal shape of the shoe disregarding the shape and its function of the foot. brought up thus, humans are made to ignore every natural motion of life for the sake of the security of the ideal self made visible in uniform, a foot soldier, a general, a president, a pope, a saint, or even an object – a shroud of turin, a pagoda containing a (wisdom) tooth of the buddha. these objects need not be actually connected with the facts since what they represent is itself but an idea made up of words. it is thus, that a constitution of a nation, being made up of words remains fragile, and is abolished or periodically changed to the needs of the biological needs of the people made to follow the dictates.

centralization of power comes from looking for precedent - an event, real or mythical in which a person or an act had accomplished something. the real forms of acts arise from the children’s inability to do things without the guidance and help from the parents and teachers. imagined forms are depicted in spoken and printed stories. it is reinforced in primary school, where children learn that the central figure in the room, is the teacher who has the answers for everything, and is always right, it formed a pattern, a code of conduct, a binding law, and in commerce, a patent; the court system; the laws of any kind, the father knows best mentality. it is opposite of the natural flow of elements that do not repeat but only evolve. a repeated act, like the sound of lullaby puts the brains to sleep. in adults it signifies the sluggishness of perceptive senses.

such centralized humans have troubled relationships with their kinfolks. they do not share understanding or their work with the persons nearest to them. most public figures may be pictured dancing waltz with their wives, but when away from limelight indulge in affairs with women who are seeking personal uplift and nothing else. when buddha left his pregnant wife he was not wise, but when gaining wisdom, his entire family had joined the group. gandhi, too, during his early life was searching for the personal uplift. then as his awareness grew he ardently worked to include his wife in his work as a coworker. and they worked together. but these are rare exceptions. persons living in close proximity in the same household see the private person of the public figure unseen by the public. and in them there is nothing so especially different from other folks. they eat and shit alike; get sick and feel helpless and all. they are a common sight, and what is common loses the impressiveness. knowing so, though they are dependent upon the public they hide from the public as much as possible. the most unseen public figure is god. since nobody has seen or known anything about god, people speculate about god only in terms of what impresses them in a pleasant way.

what is purely natural an interaction between the minor and adult becomes an obstacle when it becomes a role playing. in order to play the role, it not only denies the child to grow up. the all knowing father image is lost in children’s eyes when facing something new.

children can observe in adults and can be shown to children by adults, what is unchangeable biological nature of being expressed in interactions with things and beings. there is nothing finitely permanent about life’s motions. observe the children sleeping huddled up in a slumber party, or puppies and snakes in a pit; all of them are quite comfortable with the warmth of the species of their own kind. there, no one is demanding more space not needing such. this natural sense of cozy feeling is gradually destroyed by the implanted idea of distancing without which there can be no competing for more than most. anyone who desires a thought out and promoted thing is surely dressing up for the interview for an acting on the stage, cherishing a thought, that one would be assigned a prominent permanent role of a life time.

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