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on education

ecology: study of the relationships of plants and animals •

with their habitat and with each other  =  in this issue: rearing

of the human child  =  who rears it,  how,  for what  purpose

what  are   its   effects   upon   the   humans   and   other •  

specie   and   the   environment •

on rearing the young

it is unique to only human species that the young are reared in school, which is quite unlike the school of fish. as pictured above, the rearing process of the young is the mother’s concern, not just the mama duck’s, but even for the group dwelling primates and mammals like elephants, or the solitary living creatures like tigers. what changed the inherently motherly, and to some extent joint parentally concern for upbringing their children, is the slavery, and then its current form, the working for others to earn a living. an enslaved woman of child bearing age had no control over who her mate would be to sire her off springs. and any children thus begotten would be the slaves for the owner, without having to pay for the new slaves. these newly availed slaves would be readily broken like the fowls born in the stable, these young ones born to the captive mothers would have in their genes the instinctive awareness of their being captive, but they would have inherited the passive submission to the slave master’s command regardless of the pain and suffering it inflicted in obeying the command. they may still have the ecologically biological urge to evolve, but having lost the in between links of the evolutionary process between them and their great grandparents who were free, all they experience is a sense of void filled with the chaotic impulse devoid of the motherly coxing to move in the naturally right direction.

several generations later, a child thus born may once in a while express his frustration like the columbine high school kid who killed his classmates, but many others opt for earning a living as hired guns, where they would be rewarded for their confused impulses in more violent ways. they become policemen and soldiers, “whose not to question why; theirs but to do and die.” apart from being rewarded by the master, there is also the impulse of contempt for the likes of one’s own kind, only a little more vulnerable than oneself. when wrapped in the uniform, any uniform, the wearers acquire a make believe identity of ones who they are not, and thus being separated from who they really are, even in a make believe way, they see what they are outside of the uniform, and they want to destroy what they see. it is the same why rags to riches turned person despises the ragged poor.

in the slave camp the bonding is not allowed or possible, as slaves are moved from work to work, also because it makes it less possible for the slaves to unite. there is also placed the “informant” among the slaves. the “union busters” of the 1930s worked for the factory owners, and the “trustees” among the prisoners would spy on other prisoners for pitiful favors which enable them to feel different from other prisoners.

the very notion of competition is based on this make believe difference from others. thus separated one considers oneself to be quite unlike others, and hence, not one of the miserable lot. very early on, the slave masters had employed this technique of dividing and subduing the slaves. and for the unruly ones there was the stick.

watch kindergartners. how naturally they seek out each other. even in infantile brains they have the understanding that they are a group dwelling creatures that need others of their kind. infants are very observant. what they exhibit in their behavior in kindergarten is how their kin folks behave at home. this is then mistaken as the aggressive or passive tendency of the individual child. children, thus coming from different homes having different outlook to things and beings, are pitted against each other using the third person’s, the psychologist’s personal mode of behavioral judgment. when not compared, the children usually get along fine with each other, finding the “best friends” to share the bench in the classroom and the swing, and benignly tolerating others. competition is not held for these children’s interests. nor is it for the kindergarten and other schools. it is for them in whose interests are the schools formed the slave owners of the modern times, the employers of the blue and white collar workers. the three “r”-s, the reading writing and (a)rithmetic are for the employers’ sake. schools are corrals where the children are broken in much the same way as the recruits in the boot camp are broken, albeit, mentally as children are not yet employing their limbs and organs as adults. in the end result, as a graduate of the boot camp, a high school graduate is implanted with a looking glass in which one’s best friend, the friend with whom one had shared the seat in the classroom an on the swing, had told and listened to secrets, that best friend is seen as the competitor for the admission in the desired college, winning scholarship, the girl/or boy friend, job, promotion, and esteem of the colleagues and neighbors.

the survival of the fittest as observed by newton and the nature/science tv producers, if taken at the face value, imply as if there were only one female for which there were two male contenders, and the losing male goes to the monastery to practice chastity. the same idea is promoted in the romantic movies, where the hero is either marries his sweetheart or lives miserably singing blues ever after. there is no tomorrow in either scenario. but in nature’s design of balance, the ratio of females to male is in equilibrium; “the kernel of grain for an ant and the manifold for the elephant.” so there is always someone in tomorrow to mend a broken heart. that is, when not interfered with by the elders. the natural calamities are only to bring about the ratio necessary for this harmonious relationship.

now nature did not invent wars and stockpiling of resources. so the balance between the number of females to male in war ravaged countries like japan, or the rich and poor are problems for which there is no answer in nature. for these and such manmade problems only intelligent humans can find answers. but to do so, the human intelligence must first be acknowledged existing separately from the norm. and the norm must not be confused with the preferred way of those who are seen to be the fittest for the moment.

the modern culture, made up of shop keepers of all things, thoughts and products is based on almost a sense of shame for being a biologically inescapable human entity. so in every which way ideas and ideal of escape are promoted. the bulk of this product is aimed at women. through playing with the store bought barbie dolls little girls learn to acquire a sense of looks and self grooming. now barbie doll is a single young woman, a miniature ideal beauty of its maker’s notion of a desirable woman. barbie has no male spouse or friend. so she neither has those feminine factors, nor does she face the pregnancy related issues. not being a mother barbie does not become a role model of motherhood for the little girls. their own biological mothers thus grown up with barbie dolls, have no space in their self-image fashioned after the eternally young single, desirably shapely barbie for their children that are somehow born. the planned parenthood ideal is for those church going women whom an arkansas state senator wanted to keep “barefoot and pregnant”. the feminist phrased it as: “kinder, kuche, kirche (translated "children, kitchen, church"), which the germans under the german empire, and later used to describe women's role in society

all throughout the history, the king, and king with his new name: the rich <reich<rex, have subverted and pacified the dissent by throwing bread crumbs to the poor, erecting churches, temples, mosques, museums, schools and soup kitchens. of these, the schools serve the dual purpose. aside from dividing the people from one another in the classrooms through competition and then uprooting them from their families and friends and habitat through the jobs offered at different places, schools also break the students much like the horses in corrals to serve the master. a thus broken horse or elephant helps his captor to capture other free horses and elephants. so do the bright brains of the school serve their employers in producing and improving their means and methods of retaining their hold: making the sling shot into atom bomb, for instance.

the rich have succeeded in numbing the students' sense of reason that enables them to observe and distinguish facts from beliefs promoted by the established medium of communication, governmental, and its other branches, the church and the advertising industry. because schools only teach to read and write, calculate, but not what, why and whom for, schools produce scholars, who, in spite of having sat on the same bench of the law school classroom, then employ their learnt skills for two sides at odds with each other. thus we have nobel laureates who are representing both the establishment and its opponents, in environmental issues, in health concerns and just about everything else.

the inability to reason may not be genetic, but it sure is hereditary, it passes from parents to children. parents born to subdued parents then instill abject docility in their children. when in pain or having problems beyond their capacity children cry out for help from their parents. since they were not encouraged to think, the thus raised adults still seek help from their nonexistent parents, which, taking the collective form becomes god, and their crying for help becomes hymns and prayers. the earthly father, the king facilitates it with erecting temples and churches, promoting the idea, that whatever the ills were not created by the earthly gods, but by the heavens. church and state are indistinguishable. rama and krishna were promoted as god incarnate by their fellow kings of the recent past. and they all had the token representative of religion in their court to give legitimacy to the state religion, much the same as president nixon had billy graham at his side, to keep the majority of americans praying rather than opening their eyes and seeing what is. in thailand the military power has kept the king on the throne as a token, promoting him as the earthly god for the thai people, who are buddhists, and the buddha himself had renounced the kingship, asking people not to believe but to see the truth in a given matter. thus if a thai dares to heed to the advice of the budhha, he offends both the church and the state.

the imperial mode of governance through its trials, errors, and checks and balances practiced for thousands of years has woven an imperial design in which every walk of life, material or mental crisscross as warps and wefts forming the modern living. it is so well fitting the modern living that enabled the u.s. president george bush to declare: “either you are with us or against us”. no other form of design of the american fabric is promoted. even the counter culture is offered in prescribed form. not just obama is passed off as moslem when he strays a little in his presidential speech, but even an off shoot of the christian church is met with the military type fire bombs, instead of the judicial approach. so it happens, that even the left of the left thinkers only think the leftist thoughts, but live in comforts not different from the rightists. this is all promoted through an education that implants the duality of existence. it is reinforced by the church that guarantees god’s forgivance just by confessing in private the wrong doing that may be otherwise be a punishable crime. the recent publications of the secret dealings of the governments depict this duality: it is okay to do wrong, just do not disclose it.

now the question to be asked to oneself: what did one learn in almost 1/3 of one’s life expectancy? what is the purpose of a learning that does not enable one to understand what one learns? people of america and europe, who are highly educated and more informed compared to the 3rd world people, are steadily becoming obese due to the over eating and the lack of the necessary biological movement. because of the overuse of antibiotics and commercially promoted notion of cleanliness people are losing the natural immunity. because it is cheaper for the power companies to re-circulate the same air in the air conditioning, the airtight indoor air does not provide enough fresh air. and due to such practice, deaths are caused even in hospitals. even though it is a common sense, that one cannot pay attention to driving and text messaging, people ignore the common sense. same is the attitude regarding drinking alcohol and driving. and lying, which is purposeful denial of fact, is practiced universally from the tardy job performing janitor to the president of the nation. in the business world and in politics the purposeful misleading has achieved the status of art.

why waste more than one third of one’s life in gathering knowledge that one would be employed to deny or misrepresent for the remainder of one’s existence? this question applies to only those who are not corralled to be broken. for others there is the deaf ear, made deaf by the constant blare of propaganda, commercial, political, religious and sociological.

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