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of trust and trustees

of trust and trustees
wikipedia images of krishna and george washington in battlefields

both krishna of bhagvat gita – ‘doing is all your dharma’, and confucius – ‘a good citizen is one who abides by the law’ thus defined the role of the dwellers of the prisons and gated enclosures. the writing of dharma of the hindu, and laws of nations were assigned to the heavens brought to the earth via the heavenly representatives, persons like moses, mohamed, ‘the founding fathers’, and just about anybody who envisions an improvised code of conduct for others excluding oneself.

trusts are created for the gated community, and trustees are made from the prison inmates. in either case, they are with the law that governs the codes of conduct of the inmates, and have earned the esteem of the authority, and thus are acting as the middlemen between the governed and governor. the function of the trustees is essentially to see to it that neither the prison inmates nor the others at large are rebelling against the status quo that created the distinction between the two, who are not at all different from one another biologically as both eat and shit the same. nature cares not what one eats, where and how, nor whether one shits in the hole in the ground or sitting on the gold lined commode. so all the codes of conduct in every walk of life are made concerning the form, and not the function, since the function of the biological person is beyond the reach of the trustees and the authority of the man made law.

the trustees of prison and of the commercial and nonprofit corporations made by the for profit conglomerates are persons who have had no previous experience as hard core prison inmates nor as beggars living on crumbs discarded by the rich. trustees do not fight the law, but knowing that it is beyond their grasp to change the law they cozy up with the enforcers of the law to make it easier for them. for the favours given the trustees promote and propagate the ways and means to retain the subservient inmates. the trustees of the nonprofits thus engage in activities that act as rouge for the pains and sufferings of the hardship of deprivations to lessen it to a degree below the point of explosion causing the prison riots and the opposing in the streets. just look at the works of the nonprofits, whether of church or the social nature. charities are as old as the greed factor of the capitalism. neither mother teresa nor bill gates could question their own roles in maintaining the socioeconomic apartheid for the fear of losing the carefully created image of the do-gooder. removing the apartheid removes their roles. the survival of actors is only in playing roles, not in rewriting the script assigned to every role.

the maintenance of the classes is assigned to the trustees of the law, the legislative body of the government, and the court to interpret the law in moments of conflicts of interests. from the very beginning, the state of being rich required of the rich not just to distance themselves from those who were exploited by the rich, but they also needed guards to watch the gates of the enclosures of the rich; and then some more, to ward off those who jump the fences. this is how the east india company’s small contingent of security guards grew into an armed force using which the small import export business became a state and an empire.

by its very nature both the business and its protecting forces cannot exist separately. then, just as the president of a commercial conglomerate becomes the president of all lock, stock and barrel, seizing the opportunity the head of the armed forces becomes the commander in chief; and as in case of the u.s., the same person assumes the authority of both branches of operation, even if one has not received even a scratch in the battle field, nor excelled in the art of governing.

there was an old story in an indian middle school book about a king of middle ages, who had wanted an armor that could not be penetrated. his ironsmith made an armor, to test which it was put on a statue, and the king broke the armor with a blow of his sword. the black smith made several armors, each one heavier than the other, and yet, none of the armors could withstand the sword’s blow. the king was furious, and the armor maker was repudiated. the blacksmith then sought the help of the wise minister of the king. the minister asked that this time the armor be put on a soldier instead of a statue. now when the king could not slice the armor in two as he met the not just the resistance, but was also forced to defend himself in counter attack.

defensive shields and weapons are effective only when they exceed in strength of the enemy weaponry. a non nuclear nation is thus as vulnerable as armored soldiers facing bombs that can vaporize both the soldier along with his armor. when both the warring sides possess nuclear weapons, they fight wars with words, as none of the rival heads of states is insane enough to be killed by the enemy fire power.

using the excuse of the ‘weapons of mass destruction” a u.s. president destroyed a country that had no such defensive weapons. and fearing that north korea is about to possess a nuclear weapon, now the u.s. is threatening attack, and also seeking to bring moral pressure on the koreans to abandon the nuclear weapon project, albeit without neutralizing its own nuclear stockpile. it is not in the interest of economically powerful country to tolerate a powerful business competitor. wars are fought to gain and retain the business monopoly.

the trustees of the commerce sector, the board of directors go beyond the state regulations concerning the codes of conduct of the citizenry. they improvise means and methods to help create such citizenry. thus, promoted by the commerce sector, now the bride and bridegroom are not just walking to the isle to be married, first they have to rehearse for their walking with the regulated militarized step; it also makes the very expression of love regulated in the form of gifts of love, the pearls and diamonds and gold, ultimately requiring the marrying couples to reproduce the offspring that will perpetuate the capitalist society of the subservient buyers of ideas and goods.

in concept and practice, the human bride is not at all different from the female giant panda in the china zoo, who was surgically raped to reproduce for the for profit concept of commerce, enabling china to export the panda cubs to the zoos abroad. sex was also regulated among the slaves for the profit motives of the slave owners, since the slaves were bought and sold as commodity. there is an observation of the writer of the ‘kamasutra’ that states: the senses can be dangerous: “just as a horse in full gallop, blinded by the energy of his own speed, pays no attention to any post or hole or ditch on the path, so two lovers, blinded by passion, in the friction of sexual battle, are caught up in their fierce energy and pay no attention to danger” (2.7.33).

so, too, the driven by the blinding force of kama, the sensual desire, the marrying couple is oblivious of motives of the commerce/state sector in promoting marriage, and assigning the child rearing to the school board and tv. after all, the pharmaceutical industry that propagates the viagra for better chances of population increase does also sell numerous other products that kill other creatures of no commercial value in retaining them.

one such idea is to imagine a world without the nuclear weapons. all the people in white collar society, excepting those engaged in the making of the nuclear weapons want to live in a world devoid of the nuclear weapons. but that does not mean that they are peaceniks. in fact, more people are killed by guns than by nuclear bomb. and the business of conventional weapons of war is a thriving business for profit. very large segment of the modern human society, especially the ones inhabiting the cities and working in the offices, governmental, commercial and also of the nongovernmental organizations are knowingly or unawares supported by the war industry. this is so because it is the very nature of the fiber of the modern society in which all professions are interwoven forming the way of life. in it one does not have to personally make a nuclear bomb, or drop it on people, as did the pilots who dropped the atom bombs on hiroshima and nagasaki.

the link that connects everyone within the given culture does not need wires nor the wireless devices. even though they are materially interconnected and even interdependent with every member of the modern urban society, mentally every person is trained to think one is all alone in this world. that is the nature of trusteeship, whether one is a trustee in a prison or a trustee in a commerce created board of trustees in a for profit or nonprofit industry. did the people working in the manhattan project not know that what they were creating was meant to wipe out the japanese people in two cities? every soldier after shooting point blank and killing a human being knows what he is doing.

much more so, he knows he is killing people not in terms of the darwinian sense of himself being fittest to survive. but it is due to the sheer sense of himself as a salaried, numbered recruit sent out to the battlefield to fight the war not his nor of his making. his wearing uniform isolates himself from his awakening sense of being a member of the human species. wearing that uniform the president obama vacated his sense of being a human, whenever he sent out troupes, bombers or drones to kill his fellow human beings. like president carter, obama, too, in retirement will try to salvage his sense of being a human person. but even such sense of regret and wrongdoing is often times a product of fear of being isolated from the community of their peers. alfred nobel made a nobel foundation with the monies he made from making and selling dynamite initially as a weapon of war. so it is not at all out of line that the nobel foundation awarded a president with peace prize, even though who continued to engage in fighting wars and not promoting peaceful resolutions in matters of conflict of interest.

in conflicts of interest the conflict is in different forms of interests that one thinks would protect one from the sense of insecurity. and it is this thought out fear of the unknown that sets people apart, whether individually of as groups.

one lives in the same household, the world with the awakened and unawakened sense, much the same as one lives with grownups and children, each one perceiving things and beings according to each one’s individual sense of perception. children do not know that some of their acts may hurt others. adults only sometimes unknowingly hurt others; most often adults earn their living by hurting and killing others.

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