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individual is indivisible

what if what one likes -- to do, to have -- is harmful to others around one?  when one does it regardless, such practice is called autocracy. capitalism is the is the form of its practice..  when one doesn't,  one practices democracy.  it is nothing but an interaction among individuals based upon an awareness of the interdependence of all things and beings.

as child grows, so does its circle of family and familiar things, beings and thoughts the child is comfortable with and cares for, ultimately encircling the entire universe as child's home.  when the child is deprived of the earliest nurture of the natural kind, then that child grows up with a sense of separateness from all things, beings and thoughts different from the child's earliest contacts.

the japanese bonsai, a horticultural practice of planned retarded growth is not typical to japan as a concept.  in mundane sociological terms, that retarded growth is the boundary line, the perimeters of one's permitted playground, both physical and mental; forming the do-s and don'ts of one's culture and custom.  it defines one's codes of conduct and ethics and morality; one's friends and foes.  a sovereign nation is thus a potted plant allowed to grow the bonsai way so as not to outgrow its desired size the gardener is comfortable with.

it is amusing that even though we let go, or rather it passes off even if one wishes otherwise,  most of our childhood of the physical nature which enables us the adult physical stature, we do not let go our omniscient, omnipotent roles we played with dolls.  we mothered them, doctored them, and masterminded their heroic roles.  all according to the make believe that is fashioned after the childish abilities and limitations of movement of the toy maker handed down to the toy.  we animate them with the make believe motion, and make them live happily ever after; get ill and healed, or suffer and literally go to pieces.

later on, the live pet replaces the toy, and even though this pet has a life of its own, which is eco-centrically interrelated with the far away exotic places whence it is captured, it is then made to adjust its motions only to please the child.  thus the dog is called man's best friend, for, like an animated toy, the dog does not have the human tongue to voice its objections.

then the child is physically transformed into the adult capable of bearing or siring children; making or buying toys, and becoming the role model, like father like son; like mother like daughter.  but the adult child still toys with the omniscient, omnipotent make believe, which, in almost every instance, is more appealing then that segment of life in which one is made to move like someone else’s toy, pet, subordinate ,servant, slave, or employee; wife, husband, friends, and dependent old parents and children including.

in this child-toy relationship in which the latter’s very existence is merely for the justification of the former’s motor skills, all is a fair play.  and a fair play is determined by the degree of the motor skills the toy’s animation is designed to create in the child.  the toys are made "not to reason why.  theirs is but to do and die."  it is all according to the script of a given play: toys do get smashed in armed struggles led by a child or when an adult child plays the commander-in-chief.  a commander in chief is an autocratic model of the capitalist thinking.  it can be practiced only if the individuality that was created from the interaction between the child and the inanimate objects like toys that existed solely for the child's pleasure.  toys do not voice their objection to the brutal abuse.  nor does 'man's best friend" have a say.  slaves, and their modern version, the work force for pay, too, may form the labour union and at the most ask for a better working condition and a little more pay, but not a fair play in which neither is deriving rewards at the expense of the other.  it is what gandhi had observed: "it is not in the interests of the rich (rich<reich< rex;- royal) to co-operate with the poor; it is in the interests of the poor to non co-operate with the rich."  without the decentralization of the power there can be no democracy.  and democracy happens only when the now adult but still retaining the child's narrow field of perception sees every body and every thing existing for the child's sole sake.  as a c.e.o.  the adult child does not consider it to be unnatural if his work force is abused and maimed or killed;  as a commander in chief, he thinks nothing about sending his armed forces to the battleground as that's what the soldiers are created for.    

children are raised to replace the aging adults.  the aging is the weakening of the batteries of the adult child/toy that also shows some wear and tear of the moving parts.  this toy-like life of the human being is so predictable that physicians can calculate a patient’s remaining time.  child does have a sentimental link with a toy that it has played with for long time, so even not playable, such toy is not disposed off.  that's how the aging adults are perceived by the adult child,  but without interaction.

"before you touch even a leaf, ask the plant if it likes to be touched by you.”  that is not just the cognition of the state of being of a plant as an entity existing in its own right, but it is also the conservation of energy, ecological kind.  just because you are bursting with the unwanted energy, it does not have to be expressed  as amenity or animosity.  the intake and output of every thing must be equal in proportion, like breathing.  all interactions are thus equanimous, devoid of love or hate.  potted plant is the product of pet industry, as much as the diamond ring is a form of nourishment of that pet called girl friend, fiancé or wife.  for true love to be, the interactive relations have to be formed on the equal footing.  all the gift giving is either buying or returning favours between individuals who  somehow cannot out right be played with like toys. but one still desires to use them for one's pleasure.  compassion is having passion in common.  It is not pitying.

before the colonial era, the schooling as a conditioning factor being absent, the human species, too, lived in accordance with the eco-centric nature of the land.  so "every 40 miles changed the dress," observed a gujarati saying.  gandhi’s "half nakedness" was just for the imperial observation to recognize that “the king edward (?) had enough clothes on for both of them.”

just as the training on the grounds of the military headquarters are to vacate the individual perceptions of the armed forces’ new recruits, so that they only do and die, the grade school creates a subservient working class.  the prime age of the human workhorse is from to 18 to 36.   so the u.s. releases the work ready human body to the industry for the labor work at 18.  those with the lesser physical ability are forwarded from the grade school to the graduate school; again, not to think things on one’s own.  there is an intricate network of the brain trainers to approve and oversee the research, which cannot be all too different from the children’s search for the easter eggs.  before the thesis may be written, the hypotheses has to be approved and guide/advisor must be assigned. 

a thus trained blue or while collar worker is engaged in a singular skill, activating the minimum of the body parts, for a good one-third of life, and during that time, unbeknown to oneself as well as to one’s employer, is rendered the entire body non-functional, due to the overuse of a few body parts and no use at all of the rest of the body.   from the employer’s/owner’s wishful thinking, a worker’s ideal physical form appears to contain no uncalled-for body parts.  so horse transforms into a "horsepower" automobile, and so on.

but since the total mechanical automation is not compatible with the colonialism or imperialism, for the robots do not "earn" or "spend", there has to be a consumer class.  and whatever it is commercially taught to consume can be "sold" in an unfair rate of exchange so that the riches are accumulated.

what the king (rex>reich>rich) does not realize is that he has not enslaved nature.  so, just as the half-nakedness is not an adequate protection, over-enwrapment is not helpful either.  rather it is harmful.  making someone else do one’s work, only ideologically makes one think superior.  for the very work arrangement renders the employer/owner physically non-functional.

the adult child views aging as a blemish on the notion of the ever young america.  even as old as he was, the ex-president reagan rolled up his shirt sleeves and started to cut down a branch of a felled tree when facing a camera, for he was presiding over the notion , and not the nation, of the young.

one cannot sit in the boat and not let go of the shore.   nor can one wish to behold a passing scene, no matter how enchanting.  it is thus that an aware person does not dwell in things, thoughts, and activities common among the programmed people -- the politicians, preachers, teachers, actors and just about any body who is some body in the society.   an aware person would not concentrate all one’s attention to performing only one act and remain dumb in the rest of the motions of life, should one somehow happen to ask: why?  as one empties one’s minding mind of all the not needed habitual responding, one feels free to observe the eco-centric nature of the life’s flow.  

what one is, is a matter of fact state of being what one is.  it is given. one is born to it and one is growing to it from birth to death.  this state of being what one is, is discernable in every thing and being other than the modern humans.  but in the modern humans, it is all too obvious mostly in the infants and toddlers.  then the humans begin to lose it as the layers of culturing begin to thicken over the primordial state of being.  and yet, even a most sophisticated and well placed cultural icon misses the sense of freedom and loathes the increasingly narrowing space around one that one has unwittingly stepped into in the name of upbringing.  this is why, in the vocabulary of the culture, the sense of freedom is equated with the natural state of being untamed, wild.

in the world of the untamed and wild there is not the undue interaction between the two members within the species beyond the rearing process and the mating rites. even in these two aspects, there is not any thing that the young mother or the newly mating couple would discover anew that the older generation did not know.   but as every child feels, seeing someone else ride the bike is not the same as learning to ride it oneself.


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