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a letter to alexandia ocasio cortez

a letter to alexandia ocasio cortez

hello alexandria ocasio cortez,

while your stance on socioeconomic equality and your means to achieve it in a non-compromising way thus far indicates your earnest desire to enable every other underprivileged fellow being a decent living.

at almost thrice your age i bring unto you a few observations that may add to your perspective senses, a sense of stubborn resolve to dissolve the contradictions, not your making, yet imposed upon you by the very system you and some of your fellow congresspersons are determined to change.

the system, not your making, has enabled you to enjoy the benefits of a congressperson that as a bar waitress you could not. but it did not change anything for the low income persons. now you did not run for the office for the personal uplift. so no one can criticize you for being elected as the congressperson, or being a typical young middle class u.s. woman if you desired to acquire a pearl necklace, that is, if pearls are found from the naturally dead pearl oysters lying on the beach. nevertheless, it would earn you more votes if you include in your living wage proposal, not just to raise the earnings to enable a just living, but also lower the wages that are above the standard living wage. after all, any unspent amount of income, whether stored under the pillow or in the safe deposit vault, that one never uses, is as good as not having it. such a lifestyle transforms money and material objects into holograms, where objects only appear to be real, but one cannot even touch them. and it reduces persons living as if on stage, like actors, who never get to actually relate to things and beings.

thus it is the ultimate makeup, the socioeconomic status quo that enables one to be better than thou. in the 1960s there was a conversation reported in arkansas between the murphy oil — murphy and the newly rich sam walton. murphy telling sam: “you may be richer than me, but i am richer than you in terms of time. so you can learn from me how not to let the riches get hold of your senses.” the 40 room house built for the gates family, or for that matter, the whitehouse, the taj mahal or any unusable building space is also wasting energy, first in building it, and then in maintaining it with the slave labour while contributing to global warming.

the work is done by the physical person, and the physical body of the person requires replenishing the energy spent. beyond that, nature does not require excess energy. that is why in nature’s innumerable creatures none is obese other than the urbanite humans. remove the obesity, and all healthy humans’ biological needs would become similar like all other creatures, absenting the fear of being left out, which is the cause of the socioeconomic apartheid.

other creatures’ brains are integral parts of their moving limbs and organs. the urban human brains are systematically split during schooling, where, like the army recruits in the bootcamp, students are taught to do as told never involving to inquire whether it is the right thing to do.

since you are supporting bernie sanders for the office of the presidency, talk with him about living with the living wages instead of the title based salary, with the hidden perks not counted as income, the presidential plane, the free housing along with the household servants, vacation home, the round the clock security, medical treatments and the likes. now this may be considered the birth right for a royalty or a dictator, but not a democratically elected person, who is just another mister or miss president.

it seems that not all the constitutional amendments were envisioned by the democratically minded congresspersons. the first batch of the members of the congress were nothing but the royalties in their high living. so out of habit they kept on building up the high and mighty image of their leader, which also enabled them to giving themselves the periodical pay raise.

if bernie sanders includes the downsizing of the presidency to the level of the democratic citizenry, it will not only earn him the presidency, but it will revolutionize the american way of life from the english kingship and the socioeconomic apartheid to an eco-friendly living; it will inspire people to live simply as being human beings. the very awareness of being equals eliminates the mad races for the better than thou, locally, nationally and, internationally by the way of a nonaggressive and non exploitative american way of life.

i have not seen you in person, but people seem to be pleasantly impressed by your demeanor and nonprofessional looks and outlooks. so with this letter i am asking you to be the first person whose very actions embody what every person cherishes to live.

the two party system, too, is formed of that concept. the problem of any kind is not divided as republican or democratic. so while sitting in the same room if the handful of members of the two parties cannot put their heads together, how can people at large work together?

as while seeking votes to be elected as congressperson you went from door to door, and explaining to people how your proposals will bring about the much needed change for the common good, you must also relentlessly seek to reason with the fellow congresspersons of both aisles, and bring down the divided house.

being social and democrat is mutually inclusive in the sense that one cannot be one without the other, and since by nature humans are group dwelling creatures, humans, too, will have to learn to live interdependently.

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