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on the world stage
dress codes from diapers to dress rehearsal

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nature: creator and creation.png
internet images of pope and paupers

the rich and poor do not see each other to be members of the same species. why not? because what they are taught what things are not the same. their first teachers are moulding their perceptive senses. like two believers of two different religious or political ideologies do not /cannot accept each other’s description of anything that affects their niche of the perch on the step of ladder of the socioeconomic status, no matter how precarious their perch is. it is just like the old south u.s. plantation saying: ‘the house niggar looks down on the yard niggar, and the yard niggar looks down on the farm niggar.’ and the ears of the ‘farm niggar’ are ringing with the victorian dictate: “count your blessings”. (the words: niggar, niger, negro all mean black in spanish and portugese. the king anthony found nothing derogatory about the african queen cleopatra. the children born of mixed marriages between the african and the caucasian american are referred to as the african american. this dual racial identity in fact keeps the people of african descent from integrating with the rest of the people in the u.s., including hispanics and asians.) initially, when the europeans landed on the shores of the continents unknown to them, they named one as the dark continent, africa, and another after the name of the man who charted the landmass and called it america.

though even pope’s socio economically biological existence is entirely dependent upon the counting of the currency, not the ideological blessings of the hypothetical god, the believers will still fight to defend their stance, much like any army recruit or mercenary in the payroll of state or state supported organizations and commercial organizations, like that poem line: “theirs not to question why; theirs but to do and die.”

all professions are enwrapped in the job descriptions created by the commerce induced concept of earning a living, whether a teacher or a preacher; a soldier or a nurse, all of them are actors in the open air theatres called nations surrounded by the citizenry playing the audience who applaud or boo the performance upon the cue from the conditioned norm of the day. all the varied forms of their costumes have grown from the diapers their loving mothers had draped them with, almost from day one, being prompted by their own perch on the socioeconomic placement. as for this writer’s mother’s illiterate status had disabled -- or actually enabled -- her to let her children go naked until up to age seven or so, when the boys dressed like gandhi in what churchill sitting in the english audience described as the dress of “the half naked fakir”. and the girls began to cover their breasts being their nipples pierced with the stare of the european tourists pretending to photograph the natural female form. it is very likely that the sedentary living of the european aristocrat women had disabled them from having the same natural female form of the orient and africa that european men admired, making them to photograph and paint on canvas. and with the monied status enabled them to ruin the very beauty with the horrible disfigurement of syphilis and other diseases.

it is not that only the non western women were granted the natural shapeliness that is natural to all other life forms in nature. the sense of deprivation came from the practice of division of classes: the rich and the poor, and the poor being required to overwork to earn their living. this has affected the demise of the physical and mental health of the working class people. and it has retarded the rich peoples’ sense of distinction between the thought and reality. the self sustaining people of the non western world who, even when they sustained their living by working in the field, and other physical work, and by bartering their yield did not overwork. it is the same with all other creatures' existence. their physical motions are synchronized with the need. so, too, are the form and shape of their physical body from head to toe functionally related with the physical motions of life. and that does not exclude the internal motions like breathing, eating, shitting, sleeping, yawning, burping, and dreaming and thinking.

when what is purely an existence in interrelated motions of life changes to match with the description of the costume related motions, there is the split formed between the natural and thought out existence. what is thought out form has to be learnt and practiced and improvised in order to keep up with the thought out form. since acting is a form of profession to earn a living, actors are required to appear in shape to retain their roles. this then generates competition to stand out using the commercially available forms and formats to at least ‘keep up with the joneses’ -- the various groups of political, religious and intellectual persuasions, if not become the head of one. (and the heads of any institution, whether male or female in the lead roles doesn’t just get up from bed to be seen in public, as would a lion or a gorilla, but undergoes a regimen of the makeup room. in all likelihood, you would not recognize even buddha or jesus christ presented in costumes not described in the script. in one of the dreams of this writer, in a 1960s san francisco gathering, a crowd of hippies had gathered around a statuesquely robed buddha, and the tattered blue jeaned jusus complaining, that, not even the devout christians recognized him despite his trying to look like them.)

as the diaper was not invented for the needs of the infant, none of the commercially created things recommended for maintaining the status quo are formed for the consumer actor, whether a hair curler for a straight haired head or an ironing out device to straighten out the african hair. it is not the grass that is greener on the other side of the fence, rather, it is the fenced-in feeling that creates the sense of deprivation arising from the separation. gandhi, seeing beyond the separation had transformed the jail into a mandir, and had evoked in even the sentencing english judge and the prison guards an understanding who was the prisoner, the judge, prison guard or gandhi.

the narrowest cell of the prison is the self-identity, where the judge, jury and the sentencing authority, all reside in the head of the imprisoned self. this makes the person suffer twice, once with the sense of guilt that it is not the right thing to do, and then with the consequential suffering.

action and reaction are not interrelated in the sense that without the one the other does not form. an action is not dependent upon a reaction except when thinking about it. there, the thought creates a future in which the thinker foresees the reaction, that, if seen to be harmful to the thinker, persuades the thinker to not act. any action not from the script generates response, which not being an anticipated reaction takes a natural form appropriate to the requirement of the moment. that is how the ecocentric motions of life are interrelating all elements, including the humans when they are not performing on stage.

now the question - that is quest with a suffix: ion - the inquiry is, whether an actor can act without the rehearsed script, on the well lit stage surrounded by admiring eyes. the impressing works on those who are taught to be impressed forming the audience. when people stop acting as the audience, the show ends.

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