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on formal education:
the formula of making a sub-human species

monks begging for food

if you are an adult person, especially a woman who is a young new mother, please observe your child. right after birth the infant begins to move its hands and legs. then it learns to move, stand up and walk. then it runs.

this process of bodily motions goes on until the time when you enroll your child to kindergarten. until then, all those motions of the child are motivated by the life’s evolutionary process, which is common among all other creatures’ young. these motions make the limbs and organs strong and limber. except for the urban human child, that process continues, then unaided by the parents’ nurturing, becoming self supporting. in a human child, who is growing up in a non urban and ‘primitive’ environment, this is the way of life from birth to death. it is so interwoven with the immediate nature, that, except for the child bearing aspect, there is no fine line demarking the age groupings like the pre-teen, teenage, the young adult, the adult, and so on that the urban women and men live through.

this age classification that compels the urban parents to put their young in kindergarten is as unnatural as the urban way of life is. it does not enable a child or an adult to instinctively interact with things and beings as would any other creature interact. this instinctive sense of motion is inborn, and even urban infants are born with. this is why the totally illiterate persons behave differently from the literate persons. in the u.s. it is compulsory to send a child to school from age 6 to 16. this was considered good enough to earn a living doing menial — blue collar — work. as for the white collar jobs, early childhood education and even 4 or 6 more years of postgraduate schooling is not enough now. doctoral and postdoctoral studies and research fellowships, too, do not enable people to be free from having to earn a living by working for another person. non-modern humans and other creatures naturally live without having to earn a living from other persons. and even among the educated, depending upon the number of years spent inside the classrooms there is the marked difference created by the amount of the paycheck one earns.

the schooling is for learning to replace the naturally instinctive interaction with things and beings with the informative response which enables the urban child to interact in an assigned way in an increasingly manmade surroundings. there, an uninformed person or creature feels lost and has to wrack one’s brains to get out of the mess.

the kindergarten takes over from the mother the infant’s potty training to the mode of the uniformly regimented action as taught and told. what was one to one mother and child interaction at home becomes one to ten or more children per instructor at kindergarten. and that number greatly increases as the schooling progresses, which in the final years is so vast that the students have to sit in the adjoining classrooms facing and listening to the video image of the professor. as there is no need for even the slightest different angle of perception of the subject matter — as in mathematics, the 2 + 2 is nothing but 4 — it makes no difference whether the professor spoke in person or through his video image.

the years spent in a controlled environment of schooling, especially up until the age approaching 16, is the time when the physical body composed of limbs and organs of humans is fully formed and is limber. at about thence the human brain’s interactive senses begin to form enabling the young adult to use those fine tuned bodily motions to do things in response to the needed acts that sustain life. a non-urban young person begins to participate in life conserving activities done by the adults. and not unlike the cubs of the wild and little primates in the trees, the free young human adults, too, stop jumping and running around.

the classroom sitting, especially from kindergarten to the 10th grade, constricts the tender organs and limbs of children. in the post 2nd world war india, children were vulnerable to being kidnapped for not just sex slavery, but also for begging as a profession. as children arouse tender feelings among the adults, and generate pity towards the physically handicapped children, these kidnapped children were made surgically deformed, by making them blind or placed in harness that would force their tender limbs to grow deformed. it is the same process that a sapling of a fruit or flowering tree is made to grow in to become a bonsai tree. it is in fact the same criminal process that is used against children, animals and plant life, committed by greedy adults. next time when you go to see an exhibition of the prized bonsai trees, see what this awareness of the cruelty to the innocent trees does to your sense of beauty.

now here is the reason laid barren why the formal education is needed in urban living. the word "education" is derived from the latin word educatio ("a breeding, a bringing up, a rearing") from ‘educo’ ("i educate, i train") which is related to the homonym: ‘educo’("i lead forth, i take out; i raise up, i erect"). latin: the act of laboring at, labor, care, cultivation, culture, cult, sect; refinement of life, civilization; styles, elegance, polish, external appearance; an appreciation of art, an act of reverence or worshipping.

The formal schooling does just that. the difference is not between the various forms of learning, but whether the tutor is nature or man. instinctive response is natural, unlearned. and it works well in natural habitation. as it is not occurring naturally in the modern culture, it has to be cultivated to match with the theatre-like precision with the script. as the script is written by man, the cause and effect are both preplanned. as the globe is not a flat square piece of land, but is divided by oceans and climatically different regions human beings, too, are biologically formed of the different features and primary modes of interactions with the elements reflecting in shapes and size, colors of skin and eyes, shape of nose and vocal chords creating different sounds of speech.

the surroundings also have varying effects upon the human thoughts forming physical and imaginary (speculative) concepts of existence. this is why in both the natural or manmade environments the codes and modes of conduct are not universally the same. in the manmade culture it changes according to the thoughts of the enforcing cultivator, the king or the dictator who is the commanding authority, who acquires the authority with physical force or the power of the purse. as observed in the existing democratic countries, it is the purse that purchases the physical force. it is thus that the urban schools shape the perceptive senses of the governed by carefully scrutinized propaganda peddled as education required to obtain jobs to earn a living. the conduct is also controlled by the size of the personal purse limiting the individual’s ability in participation or dissents in the democratic process of the government.

this process of the formal schooling is so subtly implanted in the urban culture, that in all walks of life it becomes the overpowering second nature of the citizenry to ignore the obvious contradiction and accept what is told; do what is told, do as told. this involves the implanting of one’s comparative worth arrived at through the comparative grading of the classroom learning. apart from separating the hypothetical worth of the students’ ability to do menial or office work, this also induces the sense of superiority and inferiority complexes, and the fear of failure in achieving the high esteem or of retaining it among one’s peers.

this notion of the learned self esteem has created a thriving industry creating the visual arts, the painting, sculpture and architecture; music and theatrical performances; the cosmetic industry is composed of not just the lotions and potions, but the surgical means to change shape, size and height of the physical body to acquire the ideal beautiful form of eyes, nose, breasts, and legs.

all those who have achieved a place in the upper level of the standard of living and those who tell others what to do and make others work for them propagate the necessity of this educational system as the national priority along with commerce, health, and defence. what is never taken into consideration is the effect of this excessive physical confinement on a daily basis. a time of minimum of ten and stretching up to twenty years of one’s youthfully energetic life is spent in schooling. and it requires one to spend more time in work-related confinement, until one is retired to make room for the younger energetic workers.

histories being ordered written by the reigning authorities depict hitler who lost the war as the worst of the inhuman specimens. the u.s. americans have done worse than the germans in mass killings and are supporting israel with both purse and weapons to commit similar atrocities and killings in palestine. in fact, both the united states of america and israel are formed by physically killing people and occupying their lands. the other two powerful western countries of europe who hold the united nations assembly in check with the veto power have acquired the power in much the same way as did the u.s. and israel. the rulers and the ruled of the rest of the third world have had their upbringing done in the governmental and parochial schools of the capitalist west. the queen victoria had offered them the advice: “count your blessings”, if you have not a single penny to count.

the people of these subservient countries have spent nearly a third of their lives in learning to vacate the individually personal state of experiencing, and replace it with developing the ability to respond to the command, and then spend the rest of their active life doing just that as their duty assigned to them by the authority -- the king/president, teacher, preacher and and the commercial advertisement.

what evokes as your response to what is happening all around you?
do you feel to be a victim or a participant in the collective wrongdoing?

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