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transfer of authority from infancy to adulthood

image one
the first step, a painting by renoir
lioness carrying her cub (photos internet source)

when a baby is born, it is totally dependent upon its mother. all babies of all creatures, even the ones not breastfed or mouth to mouth fed like birds and hyenas, and babies like snakes' and fish are all protected by their mothers. what is unique about the human babies is that their mothers, too, are protected by the human males.

now this uniqueness is not a natural requirement, even though without it the survival of the human babies, especially the ones in the urban environment is next to impossible. in cases where the males have left after impregnating the females, the babies and their human mothers are protected by the theoretical father, the state or the church. and these babies then learn to feed themselves much like fish babies and monkey babies, grab whatever, wherever, however way, not quite unlike their defenseless mother's way of survival. from then on, the non urban and the ghetto urban adults rely more on their own abilities much the same as all other creatures.

as for the urban babies, almost as soon as the baby learns to utter the sound sounding like word of language, it is taught to make it sound like “ mama” and then “papa”, the two first words also depicting the designation of the hierarchical status of importance in protection for the survival until the adulthood. for the western and the westernized urban dwellers the childhood is extended way into the child bearing age. it is done arbitrarily by classifying the biological stages of growth in an age group which is useful for the commerce controlled way of life. this extended period is when children are enrolled into the 6 to 16 age of the free compulsory education. it is in this time, that children learn to see the authority being transferred from the parent(s) to the teacher, and when in disciplinary case, even to the school superintendent. four or more years of the higher education readies the now past the threshold of the legal adulthood, the student readily accepts the authority of the employer. and now the disciplining authority is given to the state legal system.

for the monkey or the non urban primitive child the nurturing, protecting, and even disciplining authority is nature. its biological mother herself does not do anything unnatural in her nurturing process of her child. and she does not “discipline” her child to the notion of a tradition or a schooled way of life requiring of the children to submit to the authority sanctioned by the commerce factor; for in nature, there are no goods to be manufactured on the conveyer belts and packed and packaged in factories. so there is no need for the school made ready employees to accept the authority of the commercial conglomerate; nor are there state laws necessary.

but even as early as a toddler, the child learns what pleases the authority, whether of the nurturing mother or disciplining father. later on, the child using the effects of this observation manipulates the teacher, employer and the state agency. one such method is to display submissive forms of action, praise. from such mindset arose the concept of the ultimate authority, the notion of god; and then through trial and failures came about different forms of practices that are thought to appease that god. this is purely a product of the submissive human frightened of the life in the society. “a good citizen is one who abides by the laws,” observed confucius. what pleases the state does not necessarily please nature and even the human nature. state laws have been protective of the commerce sector. and therefore, whatever was in the interests of the profit margin, was determined to be the length of the work day and the week, at the fixed wage for an hour's or day's work. now different workplaces producing different commodities in different countries, required minor adjustments in determining the length of time and wage. this inadvertently exerted more strain on the physical body of some workers. there was also the difference of work and pay for the employees managing the employees -- the office managers managing the office workers managing the manual workers.

the origins of the state authority, the king lie in armed robbers banding together to raid the communities on frequent basis, and from that developing into an understanding of getting paid the fixed amount without invasion. it spared them the efforts of attacking and the communities from the harm to their properties and loss of life. the head of the band became the king. the street gangs of big cities play out this method to extract the fixed payment for the ”protection” from destruction. gang wars and drug wars are reminiscences of the battles fought among the kings of the middle ages. the english, french, spanish and dutch royalties still live off the wealth thus amassed. observe the etymology of the word: rich. it comes from the high german: reich, from latin: rex, meaning regal. now the word rich is a politically correct word for king, as most of the world has become democratic. it is a democracy in matters concerning how people should interact among themselves outside of the areas of their employments. the area of employment is still the domain of the rich.

but for the profit motivated commerce controlled by the physically non active rich, that the plethora of the middlemen is invented. absent the middleman and the much of the urban activity disappears. the average amount of energy a creature needs in a day procuring food is generated in about 4 hours of motion. and the energy thus gained in the form of food sustains additional four hours of wakeful day. an employee's additional four hours' work sustains the long list of middleman's living, all of whom are not spending physical energy in earning a living. this excess of energy shows up in the form of fat. even the indoor pats like dog, cat and the caged animals develop the excess weight due to the lack of the physical motion connected with the food gathering. only the caged birds, which are made to perch on a bar only a tiny jump away from food seem to be aware of this energy equation; caged birds do not get fat.

as for the cause of this division of classes, it is a conditioning imposed upon the masses in the name of the competitive mode of education. watch the kindergartners at play. they share the swing and also the seat in the classroom. but as soon as the teacher begins to show favour for one child over the other, the seed of comparative worth is planted in children. by the time children are in high school, they are made ready to outdo each other in getting the most grades, honour role, scholarship, admission in choice school and boy/girlfriend. add four more years in the finishing touch to this mind numbing training to function as the work horses in the three ring circus to entertain the royalties. in it are the star performers –.the c.e.o.s with the successively lesser levels as white collar workers, and the rest as the menial labour work.

as primates, humans, too, can't escape their biological state of being with limbs and organs. motion is significant part of being alive, and limbs' and organs' motions justify their form and function. in the non interactive mode of education, where each subject is taught separately, by the equally separated and self-centred faculty the knowledge of biology is all about the equally isolated motions of limbs and organs. this makes it easy for the commerce sector to pick out the most suitable employee doing work that requires a befitting motion. but a worker is not a robot composed of just that particular limb and organ producing that particular motion. the commerce inspired constitution accepts this isolated function related identity of its citizenry. there one is defined by one's job title. but the commerce sector further compartmentalizes a labour worker's existence in terms of the time spent on job, and accepts responsibility of worker's safety and compensates only for work and work related injuries. insurance industry, too, follows its contract agreement geared to the on and off duty rule. the white collar workers fare a little better; the governmental employees even better. a chief executive officer, the u.s. president is the most favoured employee of the state, who, even after losing his job only after doing four years' service continues to receive a generous pay with perks for the lifetime. the c.e.o.s of the commercial conglomerates, too, receive the coveted bonuses even when they manage to rundown the company into bankruptcy.

in all such division of classified identity-oriented existence of the civilized humans, the non human components of the work, the robots and mechanical tools fare better. a factory car gets the same attention to its repairs whether it broke down during the work hours or in off hours. .even slave owners accepted this kind of the minimum responsibility for the slaves, even though not much more than they did for the beasts of burden. there is the old southern plantation observation of slaves: 'the house nigger looks down upon the yard nigger, and the yard nigger looks down upon the farm nigger.' in modern form of the slavery the most looked down upon job is the least paying, most laborious job to be performed under the sweltering sun, or in a locked sweatshop. people from the 3rd world country migrate to the sweatshops driven by this loving parents-nurtured conditioning to want to look down upon those who could not enslave themselves. it makes one to seek one's comparative worth and to desire to be noticed for the uplift to the next higher step of the ladder. in it is the lack of the awareness of the very state of existence of being a human person; compartmentalized and scattered in bits and pieces of images of the person perceived by the equally scattered brained members of the society.

the process of the cutting out of the pieces of one's wholesome existence begins in infancy, and the splintering of images reaches at its zenith in the final years of the education. as the word defines, employer does not work, he employs others to do his work. this is the ultimate reason for the division of classes. the rich distinguishes himself by not doing his share of the physical work. observing this distinction the employees added more steps to the three step ladder of the southern plantation slaves. now the standing on a stepladder itself shows oneself to being higher than the ones below, and tempts one to climb higher. perhaps with no exception, all inventions were the outcome of the efforts of employees to be noticed by their employees as a means to climb higher in the stepladder of the worth in employer's eyes. consequently, every such invention has downgraded the worth of those below. and in the world of commerce, the cost effectiveness is calculated only in terms of the size of the profit margin. so every innovation made in the cost saving work adds to the unemployment for more workers.

the difference between the human mother and the animal mother in the wild is in knowing when enough is enough. it comes with the absence of the midwifery, the middle woman, real or in the form of words of instruction as to how to nurture a baby. the animal mother is nurtured by nature in the form of natural instincts. she is not hung up in the role playing as the mother superior, being aware, that very much like herself, her little ones, too, are endowed with the same instinctual abilities to respond to the new. knowing that in nature nothing ever repeats, she does not teach her baby the table manners, the table for the dinner or anything else not being set. it is the human settlement that sets things in order, ordered first by mother and then carried on by the various authorities.

the human civilization is all a progression from the potty training, made necessary due to the confinement within an enclosure, be it called a home, a town, a nation; or even a cattle ranch or pig farm. it is the sheer number of persons or animals brought together, and repeatedly doing everything it in the same area, that it creates the stink. whatever is repeated has this staleness about it, which is suffocating. what is left behind from the moving herd of wilder-beasts does not pile up to stink the forest. that is why the forest smells fresh, invigorating, inviting.

evolution is nature's nature, it is constant. what is constant is non repeatable, and hence devoid of training. human civilization is all an informed living, and hence it gets old and decays; dies out regardless of the ever passing on the baton of authority from mother to the ever enlarging list of authorities


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