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   rose by any other name
identity and the content relationship


rose by any other name


 it is the function of the brains as the organ of perception and response to experience the link, be related with things and beings, and together evolve in myriad forms.   does butterfly know rose by any of many names?   was the  turtle's soft flesh poured into its hard shell after the shell was made?

all other creatures  other than the humans seem to have a wholistic perception of things and beings; and  they seem to have co-existed rather well until the modern man started to impose the form-function duality in the name of knowledge.   it separates the act of knowing  from the purpose of knowing creating  thought out forms of the container and the content, and fixes identities of things and beings.   it created a culture and the cultured man.  man of culture is one in whose physical form, the content in the form of knowledge is poured in during the long years of upbringing. all the while, one's physical state of being also keeps growing, albeit, unawares.  but since one is not made of thought, one's  ecocentrically biological being is already endowed with limbs and organs and perceptive senses enabling one an ecocentric co-existence with  all nature's elements.   the educational content tries to replace this natural sense perception of the interrelationship with things and beings with a new set of dos and don'ts.   whatever input is redundant generates a feeling of waste of time and boredom.  of the other input except for a little aid in understanding, the rest outright feels to be going against the grains of the very sense of being.

observe how knowledge based the modern living is.   every motion of life is thought based, and the thought is moulded  by knowledge  concerning the socioeconomic survival.  it motivates the idea of the planned parenthood.  this reforms the notion of being a biological person, woman or man, and upon it superimposes a schedule of a programmed living.   the planned parenthood thus designates an ideal time in which to reproduce.   in the matters of conception of life, man  only provides the sperm.   so after the age 18 or so, man can provide sperm almost up to 80, albeit, not a very vital sperm in old age.  as for woman, the reproductive period nears an end when she has acquired all the necessary ingredients  of a planned parenthood.   there is the conflict between the ideal age and the biological age for conception.
up until the early 20th century,  most first  conceptions had happened in around the age 16-17, an age that is now called teenage, when  girls are in middle school, and are 'making out' and occasionally getting pregnant not being fully under the spell of the planned living.  the society formed of the commerce based relationships  also provides the means and methods to avoid unintentional pregnancy, and once happened, for termination of it.  the pharmacist  and abortionist do not experience this conflict that the young woman does between her biological urge to conceive and the societal demand for not to conceive.   in the modern urban way of life she would be socioeconomically better off to avoid pregnancy until she has acquired all the required means with which to raise her child comfortably.  but that is a thought out reality for a thought out woman raising a thought out child.   in person she is an ecocentrical entity with nature's own form-function relationship manifesting motions of life in its own way, corresponding with the natural ingredients for the well being of both the mother and the baby.   thus all pregnancies and births in other creatures occur corresponding with the seasons when it is appropriate.  and they happen right after the female has grown up enough to sustain her living on her own.
but there is no planned parenthood in the non domesticated animal world.  there it happens in the season of mating.  and babies are born when food is a plenty.  in the primitive human society, too, it follows the natural cycle since the primitives do not have to enter a long period of learning to earn a living, requiring an identity for the servitude.
a childless woman nearing the menopause would not have her internal reproductive  organs as flexible as a woman who has had several pregnancies before.  and there, too, it is usually the first pregnancy that is difficult for a woman who is not healthy every which way.  it is there, that the complications occur, and even result in death of the child or the mother or both.  it is not that the man of science has not observed this age related period of a healthy conception.  in the animal husbandry they never use old females or males.  but the employment is for the sake of the employers.  as long as there is a steady supply of the people willing to toil for the rich, nothing changes in the thought out way of life.

it is in the nature of the commerce contrived interpersonal relationship that each side individually strives for the personal profit.  it reflects even in love between woman and man.  pure biological attraction for the opposite sex may be the driving force among the teenagers, but once outside of the school campus women and men find the material wealth to be as alluring in their perception of the opposite sex.  the pure ecocentrically biological urge for sex does not have any thought out purpose in a living sustained by servitude.

even the creatures, especially females, captured after full maturity are known to not reproduce.  the case of what amounts to a surgical rape of the giant panda in the china zoo depicts this.  the captive female panda kept ignoring the male panda's advances, and when the zoological scientists, and among them a woman scientist from the u.s., surgically implanted male panda's sperm inducing a forced pregnancy, the female panda delivered a dead cub.  she did not want her cub to be born captive.  there was a matured lioness, who was captured in the zoo bordering the gir forest, as she unwittingly entered the cage being lured by the mating call of the lion from the adjoining cage.  when placed her in the lion's cage, she put up  fierce fight requiring the zoo staff to separate them.  they tried to mate her with lions several times in mating seasons, but without her submission.  she lived caged for ten more years, gradually thinning in body, but with a piercing stare that looked beyond the zoo visitors  straight into the ground just outside the cage door where lay her last free steps.  snakes captured mature have to be force-fed.  these creatures have not gone through the long years of conditioning for servitude.  'breaking the horse' literally breaks the horse, much the same as the schooling breaks the children's senses of perception of freedom in order to be rendered as working robots dressed in blue collar or white collar,
the evolutionary process of the form-function relationship that created the present human being did not happen in the vacuum of the influences surrounding the classroom.  nor did it happen in 12 to 20 years of schooling.  the thought out form-function relationship is in practice for the past several thousand years.  but despite the many violent changes in the codes of conduct in every human society, none has thus far succeeded in making humans to do what comes natural.  and what comes natural is not in the interests of the ones who do the telling, be they teacher, preacher, politician or police.

much of the violence in the modern world arises from the dos and don'ts that go against the grains of the very nature of being human.  since the bulk of any given codes of conduct of the modern living is a product of thought, much the same as the very first thought, that the living had to be a thought out repetition  of acts like father, like son; like mother, like daughter.  practice makes it perfect.  in such practice, the thought itself is thought to be the reality.  it works well on stage, but only if on a specific stage in a specific show.
but the world is not one specific stage.  it is divided into some 182+ stages, and each one with many more persons vying for the role of the director.  then, among these directors, too, there is the fight going on to consolidate all stages into  one big one, with only one director directing the show.  so the other playing different roles are constantly given new scripts to memorize.  so it is thought against thought fight.  but since thought does not have the physical body, the consequences are suffered by the physical bodies of the persons subjected to the thought out reality. take for instance, the woman's state of being: china and india have rationed the number of children a woman may have. china even punishes the woman for producing more than two children.  some other westerncountries reward woman for reproducing more.  and indian couples' desire for having boys only has engendered business boom for foeticide in order not to have female child.  in contrast, the european nations offer incentives to women to have more children, not out of love for children or for any ecological reasons.  they aare worried that in future there will be shortage of workers.  japan has had shortage of men as the result of the second world war.  and on top of that, japan's birth rate is also dropping.

this statistics is regarding an ideal ratio of population with regards to the gender equanimity.  statistics is the thought out state of affairs, but the statistician's profession is to think in numbers. and they are employed in every business office, offering figures in support of their employers' opposing stance in the manner of two lawyers representing two opponents.  they may lose only an argument, but not life as do soldiers who have no personal reason to fight, as the u.s.boxing champion mohammed ali had stated when opposing the draft to go to fight in vietnam:  “I ain’t got no quarrel with them Viet Cong,”
the most appalling of the contradiction between a real and ideal action was that of the u.s. commander in chief, mr. barack obama wiping moist eye while giving a televised statement regarding the recent killing or 20 five year old children in a u.s. school: “They had their entire lives ahead of them: birthdays, graduations, weddings, kids of their own.”  he said that as a parent.  and had they survived to live to do all those normal things, then some of them would also enlist in the armed forces under  the order of their commander in chief president to go and kill innocent children.  parenthood is a natural happening, and hence, it naturally cares for the children's well being.  presidency is a role playing, and it requires  following the script  he is assigned to.  it turns a loving father into a killer

as a father of two children he must have genuinely felt the sorrow of the parents of those 20 five to ten years of age children and empathize with them   but empathy brings tears in eyes, and tears blur the vision.  nobody knows why the young man killed little children, but as the president he does  know why he still continues ordering those drones attacks even after knowing that it kills innocent children.
now in order to test this written matter's form and function, one needs to stand before the mirror to look into one's eyes  and see who is staring back at oneself. and, too, the relationship is the mirror of minding mind, natural or cultivated. the mirror only reflects what is before it. if one does not like one's reflection, then one has to observe one's relationships and make necessary changes. and the watching eyes in the mirror will show what forms of fear are stopping one from changing.        



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