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kalejaa, the liver that functions as the heart in hindi and middle eastern languages

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sometimes i sits and thinks; most often i just sits – a texas cowboy saying

like every part of the human body, the human heart, too, has been made into two kinds, the biological heart that throbs inside the body, and the verbal heart that exists in thoughts, the literary heart that aches and pains in verbal form, in sounds and sighs. these two forms of heart do not experience and feel the same happening, except, may be, in a 'mind blowing', life shattering event.

that is because both these forms of heart are not one and the same. one is born with the biological heart with its universally natural motion. the verbal heart is not universal. it is provincial, and even this provinciality is not of geophysical reality. that which is verbal, which creates the audible forms of the verbal heart begins to develop in a child only after the child begins to interact with the medium of sounds. now the sounds that the humans make are the emotive responses and reactions to what one physically experiences, expresses as pleasant or painful feelings, again, not in the physical heart, unless the event has all sense organs involving consequences.

what a child acquires are the basic elements that grow into the mode of verbal knowledge of things, and its reactions form the child's’ non physical heart acquired from the language of its mother. it may be a surprise for a native speaker of the english language, that the reactions and responses to events in the speakers of the other languages are not the “heart felt” as they are for the english speakers. a non westernized native inhabitant of the gir province of india it is ‘jigar’, the liver, and not the heart, where one feels the tenderness and expresses from. a lover would address one’s beloved as the part of one’s liver. and still in different dialect of the same province with hotter temperatures, when one feels thoroughly comfortable with the welcome of the host, one says that it is an “intestine cooling” (gut) reception one is receiving. the native english speakers, too, have “gut feelings” in some certain circumstances.

then in the commerce created way of life, there is the third heart form that is made first on the drawing board and the computer screen, and then in the ‘hallmark’ cards where this heart takes individual form for each one particular feeling between every known pleasant or painful occasion between birth and death; and this heart reaches out to the involved person residing anywhere, even in spaceship. it touches the verbal heart of the recipient of the printed heart, and literally – in literary form – feels the support offered or joy shared.

the problem with this literal and printed hearts is that it puts the physical sensations to sleep or dulls them. and makes the person, especially brought up in the 16 to 16 compulsory education mode, into a dull witted person fit to live as if on stage. it makes for a scripted living being spoon – card – fed existence, which is created by the commerce sector and the leaders, political, religious and other kind, all of whom require only appearance of acceptance in the number game to be best seller or a leader of the majority. this literal, lettered feeling has transformed the lettered persons to the extent that it has created a make believe existence that feels more real than the very real person who make believes. and this believer has its limbs and organs made of the letters of alphabet, sequenced to create lifelike motions which draws its energy from the consumer goods of every commercial, religious, political and literary kind.

just look at the physical motions of uniformed soldiers, members of religious sects, the royalties and even the formal gatherings of the political and economic or educational leaders; look at their attire and the puppet-like acts and talks. that which is formal, has a precise mode of form and motion. the “finishing school” is not only for the young women of the high society, even the u.s. presidents are rehearsed in dressing and gestures, and uttering the prepared speech before they make the formal address. in christian wedding, the bride, groom, and even the flower girl and all rehearse the ceremony. the supreme court procedures in walk, talk and outcome is all a staged show. the last rites of a person within any particular group become more elaborate along with the status of the deceased person who is accompanied by soldiers walking in the funeral steps and given certain number of gun blasts.

this does certainly look clownish in the eyes of persons of different groups. and even clowns are not born clowns. the world of the formal humans is certainly a stage, but as long as it pays, the actors will keep performing, whether anyone watches and whether it is applauded or not.

even though this make believe persona of oneself is not what one really is, and despite the fact that it cannot exist without the real physical existence of the one who make believes, the believing self is so self protective that in moments of life and death issues, the believing self will destroy the physical body of the believer, as the physical body cannot preserve the believing self.

the inhabitants of a given locality all had one set of shared belief and its consequential make believe verbal responses. this homogeneity had created a way of life much of which was created by the environmental biology. people as the human species living in a geographical region had very little to disagree and differ from one another.

ecologically, every other species has this form of shared way of life, and whatever changes happen are due to the different locality, mainly happen in food intake. the early human migration, too, experienced only concerning the survival in a different climate. in the first encounter one group of humans with other humans who were environmentally different in colour of skin. shape of facial features, and the language, either mingled with them or fought back, depending upon each group’s sense of safety and survival. once a group of people had acquired a way of life that included the fear of the unknown, not only of the things and beings of the areas never seen before, but also of the fear of the thought out unknown entity acquiring the power over people’s thoughts that then shape their fears and how to appease the unmanifest unknown entity.

for the urban humans this unknown entity also manifests in the form of the perceptions of the humans one interacts with the most, one’s kinfolks, friends, employers and employees, and the state laws and police both of whom were supposed to have been created for people’s protection. these thought out fears and struggles to ward them off activates the third heart, the verbal heart whose throbs reverberate in the way of life of the modern society. and almost all spoken and visual words are addressed to this third heart that the frightened third heart tries to appease. these forms of appeasement are what the commerce sector is made of – a diamond wedding ring to selection of a coffin; a shake hand to a world war; a filling of a prescription medication to a seeking a famous guru’s sessions on meditation. trying to please, and struggling to ward off the fear of the unmanifest are the forms of interactions created by the verbal heart when two people see one another with their mind’s eyes even when they are right before each other, or even when in deep embrace. that is how lovers kiss on stage without feeling. and people try to make up the missing element, the love, with the gifts of pearls and diamonds. one wonders whether people without the deep pockets can ever touch the real heart, evoking the gut feeling in one’s beloved by presenting oneself as raw and simple as do other creatures.

since none other creatures have the thought out hearts, all their interactions with things and with other creatures are within the range of their five senses. the sense of past in the form of improvised memory, and of future as what would happen, both as the thought process arising from not knowing what would have been or would be the right action, both are the unwarranted functions of the human brains that are made idle from the mundane motions of life increasingly made automated.

going camping in a less frequented wilderness engages all one’s perceptive senses in the immediate now, even though one may be stepping on a trail, it not being familiar requires full attention to walking. then, one’s brains are sense organ connected. so it has no idle time to fret over one’s misdeeds or to worry over the what ifs. the freedom from the known becomes real when one lives without the two auxiliary forms of the brains and their functions.

see if one regrets having left the trodden track.

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