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lopamudra, agastya' s genetically modified child/wife:
who designs the baby and for whom?

Vladimir Putin’s comment of March 4, 2014: “I sometimes get the feeling that somewhere across that huge pond, in America, people sit in a lab and conduct experiments, as with rats, without actually understanding the consequences of what they are doing.”

the issue of the designer child is not about playing god, but rather a slave owner's desire of having a slave that instantaneously acts upon the master's wish. for, otherwise, anyone who is working in the employment of another is already a partially modified person made to do things that one would not do on one's own.

what is scientific research if not finding methods and means for making people, animals, and nature act in one's desired mold? before the invention of technological means in physics and biology did men -- and it was a man's sense of short coming in the socio-economic structure that made him -- day dream to somehow become superior among others in a given context and contest. thus developed the theoretical science and then progressing it into technological physics. until then the father figure, who knows best used a cane or belt upon the children and minors -- women folks and servants to make them 'behave'. 'a potch (slap) on the tush' (buttock) was a common jewish practice of the household that in moses' sense of adequacy formed the ten commandments of 'thou shall not...' or else. and this 'or else' in the arab royalty's medieval mind still progresses in a thousand lashes on the royal offender.

there was a vedic seer, agastya, who is bestowed a prominent place among the seven stars in the indian astronomy. well regarded as he was found no perfect match for him among all the available maidens among the princesses and laity. so using his super intelligence he genetically created a female child extracting the essence of other creatures, such the graceful eye of deer, the perceptive sense of owl and so on. and then he secretly placed his designed child/maiden in a king's palace, where the girl grew up as a princess daughter of the king. when the girl came of age the sage asked the king to give her to him in marriage. and they were married.

until then, the sage was living like a typical hermit. but his bride, though perfectly intelligent match she was, was raised in the cushy environment of a palace. for her comfort the sage then asked the king and several other kings to give him wealth provided it did not cause suffering for others. and eventually acquired wealth killing a demon king who had amassed the wealth by evil means.

for the purpose of this inquiry in this story of the earliest record of creating the designer child, the interesting element that the vedic mythology had recorded was how the princess had physically lived before the marriage. the difference between the biological conditioning of the two had created a split in each, which had enabled each to accept one's biological shortcomings ending in an amicable separation. her name is lopamudra, and she is regarded as one of the four prominent women of vedic india.

now the indian sage had simply wanted a perfect mate, not a mere wife within a given social structure of his time. and it was the very prevailing socio-economic structure that the seers like him had found to be a hindrance to knowing what is. what ticks the modern day genetic scientists to design not just one child but a whole society? and like him the modern geneticists, too, have overlooked the biological factor of the human person. in modern physiology, the brains are perceived to be control centre of all the physical motions. in the buddhist observation there is no verbal separation between the feeling of touch at the finger tip and the experiencing of the touch in the brains. by itself, neither the brains nor the limb or organ can separately exist.

in order to have a limb's desired function without the sense perception there is the old fashioned slavery, and then the automation. the slavery requires the thick skin through which no sympathy, empathy and compassion can penetrate the senses of the slave owner. lopamudra was created from only the essential elements of other creatures. she was not a genetically modified girl who had already existed in embryonic form, as is the case with the modern day experiments in creating the designer child. so lopamudra had the minding senses of her own, and were not lobotomized. not being able to overcome her biologically royal conditioning she amicably lived separately.

it is this limited perceptive sense that is the desired outcome in a slave, a blue or white collar employee, a laboratory mouse or a designer child. what is unknown to the modern scientist is the effects of the environment on the biological being of the designed child. the slave owner overcame this problem by simply denying or ignoring that the slaves had feelings. the factory owners have the state and legal and medical professions to muffle the discontent among workers. so sweatshops do sometimes become deathtraps.

as for the designer child, unless such persons are corralled in enclaves like the army barracks, prisons, and dictatorial communities, where the environment is tightly controlled, anyone who is enabled to breathe the fresh air even sporadically manifests the difference in perception motivated by the different effects on the biology of the person. genes are not immune to change, and they are innumerable. the genetic modifications are done on only a small number of them, discounting the fact, that genes function symbiotically, sympathetically, and simultaneously. for instance it is observed in the study of perceptive senses in the field of dramatics, the tears are shed in both joy and sorrow, and in themselves they are the effects and not the cause.

there is a difference between a sheet music and a musical instrument. the sheet music plays the same every time one turns it on. piano simply produces the sound a key is designed to produce when touched upon, with a little variation depending upon the pressure applied by the player. a robot's motions are fixed as its motions are programmed. a living being may be induced to act in a certain way, and over a period of time, a repeated act forms a habit of doing certain things in a certain way, as is the case with the professionals.

it is obvious, that, all laboratories of every kind are created and funded by the state and private commercial entities. and the researchers in their employ are themselves conditioned to condition the others, much in the way the captive elephants help their captors to capture other free elephants in the wild.

anyone who feels trapped and subsequently the body/mind split lives with the nagging sense of duality. in the thick of a crowded existence in all kinds of socio-economical and ideological corralling one may not always sense this, but with the passage of time when one is not acting upon orders, it seeps into the conscience, as it is observed in the war veterans, whose sense of wrongdoing sometimes become peaceniks. there is an urdu saying for such conversion: 'after killing hundreds of rats the cat goes to hajj.' the christians have invented the idea of god's forgivance for the sins committed; the hindu gita simply passes off such wrongdoings as the dharma: 'action alone is your right; expect not its outcome.' such explanations function as the pain killer tablets that do not dissolve the pain, but simply numb the senses that register pain. and the pain is not the cause, but only a pointer of something gone wrong.

the existence of a being is made up of coming together of innumerable elements that are constantly evolving. what is constant has no fixed form. it is the man playing the father figure that tries to limit the change of the young in which no expertise of the old is needed. and it is this fear of being left out from the steering position that makes people with economic means seek to repress, suppress and eliminate the element of the unknown by the way of coaxing, bribe, punishment, and surgical means.

what do you feel, a victim or victimizer of the modification process that has been going on? or perhaps you are flowing with the great cosmic flow and not learning to float in a pond made stagnant having no fresh currents flowing in.


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