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in the buddhist perception the human mind is not the physical organ, the brains. nor it is the memory that actually prevents the coming into being the process of the act of minding. mind is thus not a noun of an object, but a verb referring to the formative process of knowing what is; being aware, knowing without it becoming the knowledge; the linking of cause-effect relationship of elements in motion.

thus the book, ‘unamerican dreams and dissent’ for the matter of fact is about every thought, thing and action that all of us have in the course of our day to today living. a friend with whom this writer had a very close contact had often times argued with this writer, saying, “ it is very unlike of you to think so.” and he would ask her first to determine, whether he was that person that she thought he was.

one may see how all the various things and beings have been forming this - or any person - in the course living all throughout the years, which, too, is in the ever evolving state of being. so it has no fixed identity. some persons have tried to impose a barrier, commonly known as ‘ identity’ upon one, who is seen to be helpful to the creators and supporters of such identities. most often, such people are the ones who are close associates with soft power of affection or hard power of currency.

and unless one is prepared to alienate them all, and go alone, love -- refer to the etymology of the word: love, which is in old german; lupa, and in sanskrit: lobh, meaning greed. It is the meaning still in use, such as: love of money - and respect will continue to be used only to hide one’s fear of being left out in the cold.

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'span' accepts any donations that are not taken away from the rightful recipients, and as a tax exempt non profit educational organization reports all such receipts to the i.r.s. as required by law.

and it is the rich who seek out the greedy bureaucrats and corrupt them. but beyond that, any government can function only when its work is supported by the conscientious citizens. it is for these reasons that ‘span’ does not provide the letter of the proof of donation for the tax write-off.

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